Hi Mud*Runner Team!
Thanks for the Best OffRoad Game in the World!
I played so much good Simulations like FSX, 18 Wheels of Steel til ETS2 / ATS, Dirt Rally, Elite Dangerous,
Race07, Assetto Corsa, BeamNG etc. etc. ...and a few i play still!
I miss for the best and realistic Feeling in the Game one little Point, to feel it better and more realistic
like in this Games: TRACK IR5 !
So can you support to TRACK IR5 to make it better for the better best OffRoad Game in the Word 😉 ??!!

The second point i miss, is to go outside in FIRST PERSON VIEW and walk around the Truck/Car when i
faint a car on the side, i want connect a winch at a side with "hands" to pull back the car on the wheels to
the ground! Good for the Single Play without a second rescue car!

Best regrads