Video stuttering

since 9/25/18 i have had to change my video quality settings to low because i keep having really bad graphical stuttering. its still present but not as bad if i change it to low. i have had the game about a month or so and haven't had any problems till now.

I am experiencing the same issues with high and low quality settings. I never had this issue prior, i usually play on very high setting with no issues before with the added community file tweaks. It's unplayable at this moment for me due to the stuttering.

Okay so I come to a conclusion what has been happening with my video stuttering. Everytime I enter a game it resets my video settings to default settings. This only happens after closing the game out and then reopening the game this will occur everytime not at first but withing a couple minutes of starting my first game and then rechecking my settings it will be in default. And for some reason now I have to set my
*Texture Streaming Pool Size to 400mb
And frame smoothing on and blur off

*Dynamic Shadow Resolution/Cascaded Shadow Map Resolution to 1024 setting and only after this my game will not stutter I did not have this problem a couple weeks ago which I find weird. Before this I had played everything on very high settings with no other alterations besides frame smoothing and blur off

I am running this with the I5 8400 and a 1060 overclocked.

If you have a similar setup give this a try it definitely help me out I thought I was screwed for a minute but now I'm back to playing and enjoying the game once again.

@kush_kill Hey, thanks for letting us know you discovered what was causing the issue. I'll pass this along to the dev team.