Lack of info

Yes, I know this is snarky...

Wtf? According to you, this game is scheduled to be delivered in 2019, so 15 months from now max, if you're on schedule. Many, many other developers put up teaser screenshots, funny play-test stories, or development tidbits way before this point in game development to not only let their fans know how things are going, but to help build hype, and anticipation. Even more so, they stimulate conversation to help steer content based on fan input. So, why the maybe 3 posts from you guys in over a year?

Some of us have been waiting for an electronic version of this game since we played in the 90s. Give us something. The cynics out here (me) are starting to get convinced that this is just another game that the developers could care less about getting it right with the players. If that's the case, tell us now and we can save ourselves the disappointment.

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