so i played around 30 hours of coop now and there are some major problems in my opinion

first of all ofc the number one of all time NO VOIP ingame voice is badly needed still and that wont change till its there it a no brainer you need this in such games with random players from all over the world

second the respawn time cut it in half pls ik there is heal there is rezz but still to long in some cases

third mark friendly fire server in the lobby you can come into a game where ff is on nobody tells you either with lobby name or ingame chat it is on you fire your plasma cannon all dead all rage not good xD

fourth the bomber spam i had a game yesterday chapter 3 normal we where 50 meters to the pipe exit and a bomber spam started the lasted for the whole game it was like 100 bombers in the first two minutes its specialy hard for meele players and there shouild be more meele gameplay cause its fun

fifth meele it is fun but it could be much more fun i beg you have a look at vermintide 2 meele needs more hitfeedback V2 is king when it comes to that may you can learn something from V2 this is not meant offensive its just a tip not more and of the bomber spam makes meele sometimes a pain really

six performance idk what it is i think it has to do with hosts but i never have that in other p2p games sometimes the games freezes for several seconds and i see others have that too it does not happpen for all players at the same time cause i can see other players freeze in animation while everything is fine to me

seventh almost to me its not so importend but ik its for others make perks armor augs and stuff changeble midgame no brainer some guys wanna change depending whats corently going on midgame or for testing or else

eighth bugs/glitches an extrem gamebreaking one i had only 2 times now but i had to leave game and lost all ep i could not die for what ever reason the second time it was so hard that it was even going to i could not open the menu anymore while surounded by like 20 stealer bashing at me all other in team where dead and i had to leave for there ep

plasma cannon most times no effect on enemys when they are midair all over the hitdetection sometimes feels non existend (sometimes)

relatively often when open option menu it stays yeah the menu and you have to click back to main menu or even hard reset via task manager same goes for chat window wich is not so problematic ofc

then there is a graphics bug where the whole screen goes white like a flasbang exploded in your face fixable by open tactical menu

nineth ik many want a kick menu i have 20 years of gaming now and i like to play coop games my view for this game is a kick function would be extremly toxic for this game there are to many leader wannabe kids running around who think that others have to do exactly what they say

these kids would kick without any reason and so far i have not seen any kind of trolls all players i have played with take the game serious on normal difficult i my self sometimes run solo to get relics and you can do that when you see you have a good team

2 days ago i had a newbie team they where like rank 2-5 i was 20-22 still a noob my self xD

and i played hammer shield combo and was just walking ahead walking not running gettting relics fighting the incoming stealer at front the three of them behind me shooting everything they could find they still would stand at the first crossroad shooting the never ending stealer spawn if i had not some times sain follow me (pls dont spam the follow me button it annoying as ♥♥♥♥)

then it comes mr. expert name (styx) said yeah the level 20 nerd like to play alone not realizing that i killed every thing that would have come to them from the other direction getting the relics for them doing the mission for them he was healer and ofc he refuses to heal me ok i can live with that but the point is i tell you this kid had kicked me for no god damn reason

at the end its your choice but pls think twice about kickmenu for me its like i have to play with what i get i never used a kick menu i find it disgusting some peeps are new to the game or simply not so good player my god we made it anyways to the end let the peeps play ffs xD

thenth coop bots yeah no brainer if there are no lobbys and your friends not online you cant just play something else ok i mean there is shdwee i cant play anything else now i must play it and solo hmm you can surly mange to solo a mission but that take ages and is very hard lets be honest here ok bots would help but ik its not easy the develop

few last words i love the warhammer universe now because of your game i found it very interesting befor but now i love it you did a very good game here wich i believe it was surly not easy i played many other coop games and fps but non like this one great job but your work isnt over xD if im allowed to say that pls think about these things


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