Vehicle Presentation - Introducing The Freightliner FLD 120!


American Wilds is a new DLC coming to MudRunner Fall, 2018! This large DLC will introduce brand new content to the game, including several new vehicles, two new maps and a whole new location - The United States of America!

Today, we're very excited to be talking to you about the Freightliner FLD 120 1988!

Vehicle Description:
A mighty vehicle, and utilitarian road-hauler, the Freightliner FLD 120 1988 is one of the fastest trucks in MudRunner, able to get your loads where they need to be at a brisk pace.

Game Stats:
While it is able to take 600 points of damage, and boasts a might 330L fuel tank, the FLD 120 isn't at t's best off-road. You'll be using this vehicle to master road hauling, and to take loads great distances on the asphalt.

With one of the largest addon complements in American Wilds, and able to equip cranes, the Freightliner will more than fill the niche needed for log pick up.

The Freightliner is one of the vehicles locked behind balance points, so you'll need to master maps before you'll be able to drive it. Not having any AWD, the Freightliner isn't suitable for off-roading.

0_1538406044386_Freightliner FLD120Resized.jpg


  • Flatbed Semi-Trailer: Can carry vehicles
  • Fuel Cistern - Contains 1400 liters of Fuel
  • Fuel Semi-Trailer - Contains 4200 liters of Fuel
  • Fuel Trailer - Contains 1800 liters of Fuel
  • Log Carriage - Can carry Short Logs
  • Log Carriage With Crane - Enables a Crane Attachment, can carry Short Logs
  • Loader - Enables players to load their trailers with logs from scavenge points
  • Log Cart Hitch - Allows the attachment of a Long Log Cart
  • Long Log Cart - Can carry Long Logs
  • Medium Log Trailer - Can carry Medium Logs
  • Trailer Hitch - Players can attach trailers to their trucks
  • Utility Attachment - Contains 600 Repair Points, and 2 Garage Points
  • Utility Semi-Trailer - Contains 1200 Repair Points, and 4 Garage Points
  • Utility Trailer - Contains 600 Repair Points, and 2 Garage Points
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Perfect! Great addons package - all logs types, flatbed!
Spiiiiintires, lets spiiiin these high way tyres!)))

And this pic from russian presentation also is great, showing to us NEW utility SEMItrailer:
alt text

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@iyagovos This isn't pinned in the Spintires: Mudrunner main page

Is this just me? Or this post is only reachable through facebook.. When i go on main mudrunner page it doesn't show up

I thought the vehicle presentations are on fridays
I'm certainly not complaining tho

@digidi As we get closer to release, the frequence of the vehicle presentations will speed up πŸ™‚

Love it!!!! I hope modders modify it and add some more metal accessories to make it like more aggressive lol. πŸ˜› @Stazco
BTW loved the semitrailer on this pic. Is it legit?

Utility construction on chassis - legit, its simply Recovery truck.
SEMItrailer - never seen before, let us google)

Found only on chassis - heavy wreckage tow truck, looks like utility truck in AW:
alt text

But semitrailer - no, maybe its fictional. Russian utility semitrailer is simple and seen in youtube many times (with tons of variations, but its the fuel cistern and some stuff like in mr)

Fictional - why not, cant wait to play it!)

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Did you at least make mirrors for work?

Can't wait to get this truck stuck, haha.

@Iyagovos if you push the release date a few weeks you'd have plenty of time for all the vehicle presentations.

@grubdumpling stop stop!! no any dates to be pushed!))