Space Hulk: Tactics - Map Creation Contest


Hello everyone!

Welcome to the Space Hulk: Tactics map creation contest! If you're here, you're no doubt passionate about making your own maps in Space Hulk: Tactics, or are interested in learning how to do so.

Today, we're very happy to announce a map creation contest for Space Hulk: Tactics, to celebrate the release of the pre-order beta! With the robust tools that you have available to you, you're able to create maps for yourselves and other players to play, on all three platforms (PC, PS4 and Xbox One).

In this competition, we'd like to invite players to make their very best maps. Once done, we'll be playing them, and then judging them for a couple of different categories.

How To Enter:

  1. Publish your map using the in-game tools
  2. Email with a description of the map, and your username, and the name of the map itself.
  3. We'll let winners know directly if they have won, and announce the winners on our social media channels.


  • Balance: How balanced is your map? Does one side have a huge advantage, or with both players be at an equal footing when playing.

  • Complexity: Can any player play on your map, or do they need advanced knowledge of Space Hulk: Tactics to be able to best enjoy it?

  • Ideas: Do you do anything new with the game in your map? Are you retreading ideas from the base game, or doing something interesting?

  • Use of game mechanics: Does this map allow players to take full advantage of the tools at their disposal, or are they railroaded into playing in one particular style?


It wouldn't be a competition without prizes! We'll be giving away a copy of the Space Hulk board game to the first place winner, as well as a copy of the game to give to a friend and a copy of Blood Bowl 2: Legendary Edition. This first place winning map will also be played by Chapter Master Valrak on a dedicated Space Hulk: Tactics live stream.

We'll also pick two runner's up who will receive a copy of Space Hulk: Tactics and a copy of Blood Bowl 2: Legendary Edition.

We'll be selecting winner's on Monday, the 1st of October.

Thank you very much for entering, we look forwards to playing each of your maps! May the best map maker win!

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Dear all,

Thank you for participating in Space Hulk: Tactics Map Editor Contest - we've received dozens of awesome maps!

Today, we're honoured to announce the final winners of this competition. The winners go to Sammi79's Left Behind, following Rick Huddy's The Final Purge and Gabyro's BielTan Cleanse!


Here is the full prize list for each winner:

First place winner: Left Behind by Sammi79

  • A copy of Space Hulk board game
  • A copy of Space Hulk: Tactics
  • A copy of Blood Bowl 2: Legendary Edition
  • Chapter Master Valrak will be playing this map in a dedicated live stream!

Three runner's up: Order 221 Purge by Rick Huddy, BielTan Cleanse* by Gabyro, The Final Purge by Corius

  • A copy of Space Hulk: Tactics
  • A copy of Blood Bowl 2: Legendary Edition

Congratulations to the winners!

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I'm really glad you liked it.

You folks have made my year. The complete full featured Spacehulk digital conversion I've been waiting a quarter century for. For the first time I have been able to do more with a digital edition than I ever could with the boardgame. This is what computers are for.

And it's weird. I haven't done anything with minatures for decades, but just last month I bought some paints and figures to try and get back into it. Funnily enough I got a box of Genestealers because I always enjoyed painting them.

Something is up. I'm never this lucky.