do something or the game is dead soon

You should do something slowly because of the low number of players, either through a small map (2x2) or a free weekend.

I really like FTW, meanwhile I have 60 hours, only slowly it gets too boring to run around on a much too big map with a handful of players.

I offer you make the map with little players even smaller, the beginning of a round is quite ok, and the endgame is synonymous. but slowly I do not want to play a walker simulator, because the midgame is only characterized by running and running of the spots.
it is so boring that you seldom know players.

I think that the fewer and fewer players agree:

А мне кажется, что ценителям и фанатам Сталкера, нравиться бегать и наслаждаться любимой атмосферой и местами, вот бы ещё и припять сюда, жил бы там. 😃

Don't get your hopes up man. Unless they redesign and overhaul this copycat BR. It's already in the BR graveyard.

Its not dead yet we have a small community but its a fun game just really hope they work on it