Where are EU servers actually?

Copypaste from my reddit thread:

Title. I've already asked this question: why im being in the middle of EU have 90-100ms ping with chosen EU region. Recently I found a useful opensource tool that can show current tickrate, ping and tons of other network info.

tickMeter 2.0


So NWI, how is it possible that im connected to EU server but the game actually corresponds with some USA IP address, ah? Is it loading colored pants from USA to my YALLA boys?



IP Address:



Registration Date:6/2/99


Customer:InterNAP Network Services, PNAP-SFJ

Customer Handle:C00026309

Address:2001 6th Ave, Suite 800



Postal Code:98121

Country:United States

@prplbenzo said in Where are EU servers actually?:

colored pants from USA to my YALLA boys?

Lmao I don't even know what this means but it made me lel.

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