Minimum specs?

I have issues with this game, even running on lowest graphics settings. I seem to render everything fine but it might be a network issue. In terms I will be playing along at 80ms ping but when I get shot or shot at my ping jumps to 150-300 at times, is this a bug?
System Specs: AMD FX-8350 at 4Ghz, R9 270x 2GB, 12GB Ram running game from SSD.

The minimum specs haven't been published yet. So it's difficult for me to say if you're within the minimum requirements. The only thing I could recommend is taking a look at the guide down below and see if anything helps improve your game experience. It's not a guarantee it'll fix your problem, but I suppose it's worth a shot.

Thanks for the reply as I followed some of your help guide. The odd thing is that when I play locally the game runs just fine with a few stutters here and there. Multiplayer is another story with stuttering/fps drops all over the place.

Hey hello so i bought the game 3 days ago and i could do one map on coop. after that i cant run it anymore always getting crashes....
My pc specs are
i5-4440 3.10
Amd Radeon R7 260x 2gb
8 gb of ram...

Is there any chance for me to run the game?

In it's current state you may find that the 2gb of VRAM is going to hold you back a fair bit. Once we get a little bit more optimization especially on the lower presets it may work out a bit better for you.
But just to be sure have you checked the following settings:

  1. Make sure your running in Fullscreen not Windowed Borderless
  2. Tried the auto button on the graphics presets tabs
  3. If you used the auto button, make sure everything is turned to low
  4. Turn off motion blur and super sampling (I think that was it)

If it still doesn't work try running again while monitoring your systems performance so you can see what is being pushed to it's limits. That will give you a bit of a better idea as to what your actual issues are.
Let me know how you go though, I'm interested in seeing if we can get your system playable.

Edit: Also what resolution are you attempting to play the game at?
Edit: Are you running the game off an SSD or a HDD?

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