some issue i found

I know tyrranid has more ap then SM(space marine) and i got dat idea why it need to has. but too few ap for SM only two block he works more he cant overwatch unless you spam the card and it makes game slow. so simply to slow game phase even thou it is turn-based game. like x-com they separate moving ap and attack or overwatch action ap. cuz more faster and little down the difficulty

second NO hit points NO armor NO level up NO elite units No skill tree. may be you disagree or agree but this is 5 characters team. some may b heavy weapon bearer or force commander, but its job make the character alive! so simply it has unique skill such as Apothecary healing or revive. without hit points no healing needed only death or killing xenos. and NO skill means NO leveling(except the card) and no need to stick the units. u can just threw him to die for success the mission. what SM commander does do dat? its 5 SM team for victory. player need to have feeling assemble best team members or making for fun.

first impression of game was wonderful and i got the feeling you put lots effort. but little more detail on this. it will be the master piece among the Warhammer 40k games

I understand what you mean. Sure, only 4 AP can be frustrating. But terminator-suits are big and bulky, and genestealers are very fast. And strong. Strong enough that their claws easily tear through layers of armored steel. Or bone. Easily.

Marines moving slowly and having limited options, combined with the speed of the swarming aliens and the fact that if you lose a fight to a stealer, you are sure to die, horribly. That is the nerve, of Space Hulk.

Overwatch is very important, sure. But moving fast is key for marines, always. Keep objectives in mind, and don't be afraid to split up the pack. I saw that one of the Chapters had a card: Transfer 4 AP from one marine to another. 8 AP in one turn sounds very powerful. Happy huntiaaaaaaarrrggggg

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