Cosmetic Customization on Weaponry


It would be really cool to see Cosmetic options to personalize weaponry.


Paintjobs (Realistic ones, no stupid shit)
Different reticles for optics.
Different grips (Only visible when you equip grip)
Different chassis systems for Rifles that have compatibility with swaps (Such as the m24)
Different bipod designs? Examples could be = Atlas, Harris, Elite iron Revo?
Different buttstocks?
Different barrel profiles (Such as fluted, spiral fluted etc)
Suppressor (Mirage covers) Both realistic and looks cool. (Preserves optical clarity when suppressor is hot)

This is just some ideas. I am sure there could be a lot more stuff.

These are all stuff that could be easily added only for cosmetic reasons and not actually have an in-game effect. I like it when you can personalize your character and weaponry. And I am sure im not the only one 🙂

Have a nice day!

@freddy-m I'd love to replace that ugly vertical foregrip on my weapons. For some reason, I just don't like the way it looks on most weapons.

Would like to replace it with like an angled foregrip or something similar that looks more flush with the gun.