Self restrictions or home made Hardcore+ mode

I'm near the end of the last map, done all of them with listed below my own rules, to increase difficulty and joy from the game.

I hope it will help someone.

AND before my next (second) playthrough I'm asking for YOUR experience and tips/ideas to increase difficulty and/or interest.
(And yes- i play on xbox and miss mods, but nevermind)

So my rules:

    a) each mill to be completed with EACH type of logs (3(2) short+4 medium and finish by long 6 pts).
    Usually no log trains, each delivery by one truck (but it can have fuel/repairs addons if there are not enough trucks on map).

b) in general there are 2 mills and 2-4 log kiosks. So you should try to use 1 kiosk for specific type of logs.
AND you must use EACH kiosk for some job.

c) but over rule #1b you should plan your routes! It means short logs to be delivered by shortest route, and long logs - by most (MOST!!) long and difficult. So it means avoiding tarmac, normal roads and even ROADS (even for 2×4 (zil 130) and 4×6 (hidden kamaz), and for future usa highway trucks!)))
d) each limber truck must be loaded by AT LEAST 10 LOGS before packing.
Even on scavenger mode.

    a) only specialised refueling vehicle can visit fuel stations (and jeeps with addon). So if you need fuel - call to this truck.
    b)Refueling at garages also restricted.

    a) also only by specilised truck and jeep.
    b) truck can do job only with less than 1/3 damage. And can move under 1/2 damage.
    It applies also to all trucks discovered on the map.

c) so you unlock new garages ONLY to replenish your repair truck (and jeep).

    a) you can change/install addons ONLY at base garage
    b) at the end of each mission EACH vehicle (and trailers) must be gathered at base garage (for photo, see my pics at xbox clubs by Stazco)
    c) rule 1c for logging also applies to the most refuel/repair/discover activities (to certain degree, means avoid good road, check as much as possible routes/locations, but not to make round trip to repair damaged truck)
    d) for sure each discovered on the map truck must be visited (and repaired (see 3b) before starting the engine
    e) I'm following simple excel to record all stage/individual parameters (time/distance/fuel for stage and mileage for trucks)
    f) i try to use wide range of trucks, to test eack model. But rule to use long logs limits it (only 3 KRAZ models can do it)

So any suggestions and thoughts?)

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@minikeum Yes, thx! I've used the search but couldn't find yours topic.
I most probably will use the rule to tow badly damaged trucks to garage! Great and real life advice.

Now in my plans for the next playthrough, see below:
(Some of them are not compatible with each other, also i'll take most of the rules from 1st playthrough above, and AW might have big influence on it with promised (?) scavenge mode on each map and i hope for additional surprise updates)

1.1 First person view for roads. 3rd person view only on stop to see what is going on (mirrors!!!)
But for offroad exploration most probably i will stick to 3rd cam view to enjoy trucks and the nature (it actually is the key element of addiction to MR...untill maybe devs will bring rear view mirrors (!!, it is pain and unrealistic without them) and slightly better cabin interiors (we dont need perfection "forza msport like", but dashboards needs some individuality)

1.2) no fast travel. And maybe recall jeep if truck stuck totally due damage, falling/drowning, stuck in the mud (its really hard to do it, but if you check russian youtube videos - it happens very often in "MR like" conditions, so MR2 - must be better in it I hope) or fuel management mistake)

1.3) maybe no map at all...yes, now most drivers have it, but we might consider there is no signal, actually it is normal in russian regions (we were selling Scania trucks to the distant regions, and it was pain in the a.. to get data from different onboard systems)
BUT for such restriction i must find maps in web and print them to make remarks...
So link to such data would be appreciated.

1.4) I'll try to use weak trucks more, on maps with better roads (not all wheel drive, like zil 130, hidden kamaz, one star kraz and American ones)
6×6, 8×8 are too strong, i would say unrealistically since its almost impossible to stuck it, see p.2, and if use this magic winch)

1.5) i' ll try to restrict winch usage, thx for advice from friends in above linked topic.
How? Maybe only forward points, and no force from leading truck while towing.
But i saw the video where people improve Ural winch, which is factory located in the rear (!..), to use it in I'm lost here(

1.6) great idea to stop before switching to AWD and DIFF lock.
On Scania you must stop for both if i remember right, and you must switch it off before turns on good road (most common case of differential breakdowns, and almost impossible to prove that its not warranty case)
So I believe on russian truck its the same rule, please correct me if i'm wrong...and I wonder how its on usa trucks)

2.1) fuel stations must be fueled before usage, so we can bring to each station this huge fuel semi-trailer, I believe its the only case you use it in normal game. Bring it and leave, and take it back to home base at the end of the mission. Only one problem - we bring actually empty trailer, but we dont have options here)
To second station i will deliver full semitrailer or trailer if i will use it rarely

2.2) maybe i will try to save the fuel. Its against many of my other rules...but its the most "real life" rule, and the game will become closer to career mode. But to that extent i should save it? Till the record low consumption, or...lost here too. Advices?

2.3) if in my future tactic i will use garage often (now i limit it) i should put the full fuel semitrailer here too.
I think I will put fake trailer in fuel station and full trailer from this station at new garages.
At home base...ok, looks like i can use it by default, maybe with another fake trailer, or without it at all.

3.1) Trucks under 1/2 (?) of damage cant move. So you must tow it to garage.
It applies also to most discovered on map trucks, since they usually badly damaged.
3.2) after establishing new garage you should deliver here additional wagon. Why not?)


4.1) ??? Advices?)

(Looks like my current log setup is good...To increase min number of placed logs from 10? I' ve tried (till 20, it is the limit of 1+ logs spawn, and around actual number of logs in "packed" truck...but it became soo boring and take unrealistic amount of ingame time (up to full day or night, especially if you try to place it perfectly and adjust/move it to look like a pack. I've visited limber competition in Kotlas, these operators are using the hook to create real magic placing the logs, but we are not them)

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@stazco impressive dude! I have always liked to play games the most realistic ways possible. It does not always mean use the "Hard" mode. But actually trying to stick to the gameplay mechanics that feels real and staying away from the ones that does not.

A couple of new ideas:

  1. as it stated above, broken trucks (lets say under 1/2 of damage) must be towed (or taken by flatbed if damage above 3/4) to garage.
    AND it should stay in it for 24 h for repairs.

  2. periodic maintenance! In off topic i've posted pic of my current record individual mileage - 20 km (at the end of the mission it was 24km).
    This particular vehicle- MAZ 538 is equipped with tank engine.
    Fast google gave me approx tank oil change interval - 3500 km (and ural-kamaz 10 000-20 000).
    But under MR conditions it might be shortened 2 times...but not to 10-30 km 🤔

But its the game, why not to set periodical checks in garage each 15- 20 km. And staying time is 6 or 12 hours.
Why not?)

(IF MR2 will have career mode (dreams..), it would be even more actual - longer mileage and vehicles "ownerships". Maintenance could be not necessary implemented in the game, here we can set our own rules...just give us career mode...plz))

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Started new playthrough with following rules:

1.1 No navigation map. I printed maps from wikimaps, put POI- garages, kiosks, mils and fuel st. Hidden trucks stay hidden.
Each vehicle has his number and if left on map - i put its number by pencil. Moved - i erase this mark.
Each driven route is marked by pen (orange), in order to search the trucks and explore the map as much as possible.
Navigation points not to be visited.
THIS RULE CHANGED GAMEPLAY DRASTICALLY, for real joy and immersion, see the pic:
alt text

1.2 First person view for asphalt roads. As option - for good and explored roads

1.3 No or minimum fast travel. And maybe recall jeep. Some towing of second vehicle.
(But i still didnt finalized this rule, its impossible to get rid of fast travel completely in such long and complex playthrough...)

1.4 Weak noAWD trucks used often

1.5 Winch usage limited only by forward and back points, wheels help it only if its the only chance to break free
(I googled it slightly, easy to be lost where - stock ural 4320 - it is in the rear, only for rear usage, stock zil 131 - in front for front usage, kamaz - in the rear for front and rear usage, but you can tune some trucks to front&tear usage, usage is limited by 15 degrees from central line, towing of other trucks -yes&no, help from the wheels - totally impossible & possible (by strengthening some fuse bolts), 3 winch types-mech, pneumatic, electro, mixed, each with its force limits and limitations, and so on and so on.
But side winch - its close to fairy tales, some Chinese scrap, or maybe some independent i decided to restrict its usage)

1.6 Stop before switching of AWD and DIFF lock.

1.7 You can change/install addons ONLY at base garage
Number of new addons is limited to eliminate the waste.

1.8 At the end of each mission EACH vehicle (and trailer) must be gathered at base garage. All timber truck must be filled
(see my end of the mission pics at xbox clubs by "Stazco")


2.1 Each mill to be completed with EACH type of logs (3(2) short+4 medium and finish by long 6 pts).
You must use EACH kiosk for some job.
(at scavenge maps/mode 3+4+6 rule might be simplified since on paper map it will be difficult, see p 2.4)

2.2 After filling the mill, truck must be loaded again and parked at base garage (p.1.8)
Since I double logs job here - i will use and enjoy timber trains more often.

2.3 Short logs to be delivered by shortest route, and long logs - by most long and difficult. So it means - try avoiding tarmac, normal roads and even ROADS.
This partly applies to all other jobs.

2.4 Each timber truck must be loaded by AT LEAST 10 LOGS before packing.
Even on scavenger mode.

3.1 You must deliver fuel semitrailer to each fuel station to be able to use it. (Yes, empty one...but here we assume that only base garage is our starting point for everything)

3.2 Each new garage must be equipped with full fuel trailer
(Exception- station and garage are close to each other like on bog map)

3.1 Trucks under 1/2 of damage cant move. So you must tow it to BASE garage. If damage above 3/4 - evacuation by the flatbed trailer (after AW release).
Repairing time - 24 hours.

Trucks with damage above 1/4 - cant move and must be repaired by utility vehicle.

3.2 Each found on map truck must visit the garage first.
If damage above 1/2 - tow/evacuate to base garage (for 24h)
Above 1/4 - repair by utility, and drive to any garage (12h).
Less 1/4 or no damage - still you should visit any garage for checks and maintenance "after long stay or harsh season" (12h)

3.3 after establishing new garage you should deliver here additional wagon.

3.4 Each 10 km (20 on scavenge maps) (+/- 1km) vehicle must visit any garage for x-maintenance/"weekly" inspection (greasing, tightening, checks, oils if needed), 6 hours stay.

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alt text

So Bog is finished with above rules.
Fuel burned: 7477l
Distance: 61km750m
Max mileage: KRAZ 219 (C256) - 11km747m (from 7 vehicles)

One rule canceled- p1.6- stop before switching AWD/DIFF - its so boring...
Managed to find solution with doubtful rule "no fast travel" (see p1.3 above): i assume that i'm only one driver on the map, with helping mechanic from garage, who sometimes help me to deliver Uaz (recall). But i try not to bother him (he is very busy with repairs&maintenance, see above), using recall 2-3 times for not long distance.
Also I'm ready to walk 200-300 meters, so Y button (nearest truck) is used several times.
Main tactic - to plan each move, and if needed - tow second truck (pull mode). But not to make this stupid, only if it looks reasonable. On hardest sections I release it, and attack this section separately, one by one (Y button to jump to the left truck).
So it very fun and immersive!!
And if you ask me "where are the other drivers of seven vehicles fleet??" The answer will be simple - "They are all sick!" )))

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And this it the final map, you can see my routes (orange is the road, red - off road (but red wasnt used from the very beginning)). Also you see fuel stations meters below - not to exceed 3700 l on each.

alt text

Wow...just ruined my playthroughs and above hardcore+ rules just by getting touch the unknown restriction for me: number of trailers(incl semi) is limited on map. By 7-8 units! ☹ 😩 😠

Is it the same for PC and PS4?
Could it be increased?...

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@stazco i believe not on PC iv never encounter same thing

I always complain what MR is too easy - take 6×6 or 6×4 and the living is easy. You stuck on map once per 5 hours.
But today I've found solution!
alt text

K700+ 2 medium trailers! Bingo!

It stuck very often, most of climbs you should do turn based- one trailer then next one, they flip sometimes, and you need to refuel it EACH 1 km (yes, its sooo slow and heavy, tank 340 l per 1 km...34000 l / 100km))).
As a result, each such delivery becomes an adventure, tough and long mission, several vehicles must support it. Since the routes I choose are different each time, and not the easiest, every such adventure is special and unique.
Many of us is playing in MR for this reason - not to have boring repetative missions, but to have an adventures and use brains in difficult times.
So try it and you will enjoy this suffering!!

(I distribute 1 trailer per 1 mill, to extend pain))

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Hey Stazco!

This is an awesome thread, really interesting to see how you're varying the game with your own restrictions!

@iyagovos said in Self restrictions or home made Hardcore+ mode:

Hey Stazco!

This is an awesome thread, really interesting to see how you're varying the game with your own restrictions!

And thx to other forum members, i ve taken a lot from their ideas, digging the forum.
I love this community, minimum complains, maximum constructive.

P.s. if you ask me - from where the hell this guy takes so much time for the game and forum?
I just on a 1 month sick leave)
So take care!)

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So finished seashore 2nd time, everybody back at home base:
alt text

This time one new rule - no logging and full semi-trailers and trailers at tarmac roads. (This blockposts are designed with that rule in mind).
A couple of rules softened a bit.
Disaster with limit of trailers, i didnt knew. Its 7-8 trailers per map, so one fuelstation and one garage were closed from the middle of playthrough.

This my first one star game, i didnt knew that the less stars the better...i thought the better you PLAY the more stars you get, and can use better vehicles next time. I'm still not sure about it...
Now one star is not my style, next game i will play with more vehicles. And i was unlucky - 1 uaz and spawned gaz 66, k700 and 2 ural 375. Boring a bit.
Later i will come back to one star, with different set of rules.

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Seashore 2nd playthrough stats:

alt text

alt text

alt text

OMG! you are really putting effort here bro!

@Stazco i love ur ambition dude 😃 i think ur most hardcore fan of this game #OG, post more stuff like this i really enjoy reading through

Hey another suggestion for you: once you pick a major addon for a truck, you need to stick with until you completed the map. For example, a fuel truck cannot be converted to a log truck. A truck with a trailer hitch cannot be converted to a utility truck, etc... You can switch trailers, but not the main addon on the chassis.

EDIT: one "exception" would be a truck with garage parts that can be "converted" to a truck with short logs, because it is basically the same bed (with a tent for the truck woth garage parts).

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@minikeum yes, im thinking about it, thx!
There is an achievement for it - "i have all I need".
It will cut several major tactics i play, one is corner stone - each mill with all type of logs (3+4+6), since long logs trailer spawn only at the ridge. But im still starting each time with kraz, so...lets play AW, and most probably i will start play "i have all i need"

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