Washed out boring look

I've heard some people say that Sandstorm has some type of brownish film grain filter put over it (I'm saying this because the supposed command to disable it is Filmgrain=1 or -1), washing out the colours and making the game look all around ugly. Whatever it is, there should be an option to turn it off in the settings.


The washed out brown look, whether a filter or not, isn't the best look for sandstorm. Pre-alpha and alpha footage (especially the reload mechanics video) showed a much better colour scheme and art direction that I think most people would prefer.

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@pieck said in Washed out brown look:

some type of brownish film grain filter put over it

I don't think so. I think the maps look great. Take a trip to a place with an arid climate and tell me what the colors look like. I agree that they could add some more maps of some specific regions such as the high mountains in Afghanistan, maybe a lush river delta, a more developed urban center with an embassy or something. However, the current maps aren't bad.

I agree its kinda realistic in a way but in terms of looks and visuals it isn't the best choice. Early alpha footage had a much different colour scheme and manages to look more fitting and - imo - better than what we have now.
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I was part of the alpha and didn't notice a difference in color. Maybe it's just me.

@pieck Whatever the "Closed Technical Alpha" was

@thehappybub Im pretty sure thats the second one. I'm talking about how the footage they gave us from the first alpha looks leagues better than the second alpha or the beta.

Hey I just noticed this:

Is this what you're talking about? Or do you still stand by the colors being weird? I don't know I watched some of the early recordings and don't see a difference for me that's very noticeable.

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@thehappybub That is a really dumb bug, but I'm not talking about that. I'm just saying the change in art direction wasn't the best choice.

What we had: https://imgur.com/a/GiuAHfQ
What we have now: https://imgur.com/a/Fzit6bv

@pieck So from the pics you attached I actually think the first set has what looks like a brown filter on it lol.

So I think the first set has an increased saturation. This was probably for like gameplay videos and ads. The second set put the saturation back to normal, but increased the color contrast. To be honest with you I kind of like the second set more. Maybe they could up the saturation a bit, which would give it more of a vibrant look, but if they overdo it like in the first image it starts gaining a yellowish/brown hue.

I mean in the second set the greens are much more green, the sky is more blue and much more volumetric,

The first set seems like its almost set right before a storm or something. The browns are way too intense. Look at the sandbag picture, for example, the browns are so oversaturated that it almost looks like they're wet.

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