[IDEA] "Shooting Range" game modes

I really like the shooting range mode from Day of Infamy! I actually spent many hours playing just in that game mode â˜ș

I was thinking it would be cool to have this feature in Sandstorm as well. My idea, however, is about a Co-Op shooting range mode! 🙂

You could also implement it in Day of Infamy, since it would be funny to shoot with our friends.

Adding a shooting range map in Sandstorm would require a modern-looking aesthetic, of course. I like the idea of being able to practice/train with the weapons from the game, which would be great! â˜ș

Something like this could be taken into consideration while creating a "shooting range" map for Sandstorm:

Youtube Video

Youtube Video

Youtube Video

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Insurgency Modern Combat had a shooting range that us modders used to showcase and finetune our work in, i'd like to see that returned, however if NWI don't recreate it any player can easily recreate it using the SDK.

Also about the fire range game you're on about, you want something like COD MW2's firing range test area, and COD 4 MW's SAS Kill house firing range test area, right? a little minigame so you can practice how to move fast and abuse the timer mechanic to finish with the timer reading as small a number as possible?

Something like that would be cool I must admit but personally i'd rather that be modded in by a player so NWI can focus on more important things like optimisation and hit detection etc.

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Yeah, maybe you are right and should I ask the community to make the shooting range maps on the Workshop instead.

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