Episode 4 spoilers: I really hope we won't have to wait for this to play

Replayed a conversation and suddenly it came to PC being poisoned, already being put in that frame of mind my reaction was: [link text
(https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HjB8eC9xfR0) 😃
I mean really, do they have superior/quirky biology or do we get to permanently 'jump ship'? (Yep, some weird choices there) Or does Louis just die dramatically at the end of the last Episode, having defeated chosen enemy or allowing them to roam free? Anyway, slightly intrigued to actually play that instead just to see how far wiggling away from that little failed decision could go. 😗 Maybe, I should redo that segment the third time and add the most provocative topic of conversation to the mix.

Aww, three bromances I liked the most are now dead. 😭 Thanks, Episode 4!

Update: Family dynamics are fun! 😃 Resulting outrage is kind of promising too. I'm afraid that that poisoning might only be as penalty, and Louis resists/dies in the end, but it looks like there will be a follow-up on the culprit! excited
Sadly some choices that are product from this ep's revelation seem to to already have the colour of the morality painted in for them. Can't Louis stay a good guy who decides for himself without slipping into doubt and angst over the 'exra' parts? Can't he be a bit intrigued or dare I say exited without seeming that he left everything else behind? Contradicts his arguments to Peru. 😞
The same is with 'Father'. Does he have to sound so flatly sold out or sycophantic every time he's not at odds with him? Moreso when the choices are binary and the other one does not smell of roses either?

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You're not on your own. The RPG mechanics are falling short of the mark, imo. But, it also occurs to me that we are being treated much the same as the mortals are by the daemons, and they, in turn, by their own father, (i.e. if Mortimer is to be believed.) We are not being given choice; we are being given the illusion of choice.