1 Bullet Reload Bug

Problem: When you reload, if you do a weapon swap and return to the previous weapon you only have 1 bullet in the mag.

Reproducible: 100% with both quick and normal reload


  1. Start reload on main weapon
  2. Around the time the mag is removed and before new one is inserted switch to sidearm
  3. Quickly switch back to main weapon
  4. Only 1 bullet in chamber and mag is empty

Demo of bug

@betteroffgaming Not a bug. If you took the mag out of your weapon, then, well … you took the mag out of your weapon. There would still be a round chambered if you didn't shoot it off. If you pressed reload, it would resume the reload by simply inserting a new mag. The mag doesn't like magically reappear after you removed it.

There's literally hints about this on the loading screen of games...

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It’s a feature called “staged reload.” Reloads can be interrupted and then resumed from where they left off.

NWI made a video

Ok, if it's intended to be that way sure that's cool. I didn't want to assume that just because it's a simulation that it's accounting for every detail like that.

It's not a simulation, it's a video game...

I think this "staged reload" feature can be exploited on some weapons. Needs some more testing, but to me it seems you can reload faster if you interrupt (start to sprint) right after starting to take out the mag and then quickly inserting new mag by pressing reload button again.