The Great TTK Debate

Just to start this off I will mention like always that this is just MY OPINION and feel free to disagree I know many will. I also have said in other posts that I was done discussing this particular issue but I guess I lied. So I know I may be beating a dead horse here but I was playing earlier today and had a bad go of things. I will mention that I personally want the TTK reduced even more because I was led to believe the dmg model would be that of insurgency source and I can tell you it’s not. As I said today was a rough one for me I was shooting people full of AK74 bullets left right and center seeing lots and lots of blood but having much difficulties actually killing people. I came to terms with this and started just spraying the crap out of people at close range to kill them and then immediately discarding my mag as I had next to no ammo left in the mag. Spray..kill..reload..repeat and then 2-5 kills later I would be out of ammo(all 5 mags)! I know lots of people have posted several videos showing the effectiveness of heavy armour but I would also like to mention that these armour plates are never tested on humans(for obvious reasons) but these people never seem to take in to account the trauma these bullets cause to a human wether they penetrate or not there’s lots of videos on the force the impact makes and what it would do to a human just saying! Anyways I guess it just is what it is. I will mention I don’t always seem to have such a hard time but today was one of them! I will also say one more thing that not today in particular but in the past I have literally walked up beside an unsuspecting enemy and shot them straight in the side of the head..blood sprays..towel headed man death? Anyways ya so.. I just don’t know anymore lots of people want more TTK others want less I would almost wish they would devide the community and make two main modes maybe a core(add a little TTK) and a hardcore(remove a little TTK) no heavy armour option? Add AP bullets again? I don’t know. I get that they want a little more TTK to draw in a maybe more casual crowd which I understand but I tell you in the old insurgency I never had to reload after killing one person it just never happened and I know this is not old insurgency anymore but when I pre-ordered sand storm that is what I was led to believe I was getting but with the benefits of a newer game engine. Not trying to be a dick but I feel a little misled. Anyways just my opinion feel free to leave comments for or against I will read them all! 43 hours in the struggle is real lol.

Please tell me you're exaggerating. You're averaging 0.4–1 kill(s) per mag? As much as I hate the current TTK, I don't think that's your problem.

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@cyoce I am usually at the very least in the top 5 of my team like I said it’s not always as much a problem I don’t change my aim if that’s what your insinuating and playing insurgency source I never had this issue trust me it’s not me!

@planetcanada I'm having trouble adjusting to this time to kill too but I average 5 shots per kill with assault rifles/SMGs. 10 if I go full potato and miss a bunch.

@cyoce I would agree most of the time it only takes a few bullets I almost always fire in short bursts. But when a guy comes sliding into a room into my face and I hold down the trigger with him 3 feet away my aims not that bad where are all the other bullets going? And I have successfully painted an entire wall blood orange now yet he’s still alive and kills me seemingly in 2-3 bullets or one shotgun blast. And that’s why I said it doesn’t always happen but for some reason today it was happening an awful lot I also said I would discard the remaining “Almost empty” mag meaning there’s usually 5-8 bullets left in the mag because in my head I know the next guy to come through there is going to need at least that and that’s provided I was successful in killing the previous guy! This doesn’t always seem to be the case but it was on a cool chilly day like today! And my ping was on average around the 40 mark I have really good internet I pay highly for it(120Kb/s)! Pretty damn good pc as well.

Wondering how I can go 10+ kills with 3 mags with an akm. Maybe I play a different game. /s

do me a favor and post some stats pls. Profile stats and weapon stats of your most used weapons

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@benz I’m not at home so that might be difficult but I can tell you my total k/d ratio is just shy of 1.0 might .98 or something like that and I am most specifically talking about the AK74 with a silencer attachment it’s about the only thing I use or MK18 also with silencer I rarely go anywhere without one and ONCE again this isn’t all the time sometimes I can get quite a few kills with one mag too not 10 I’m clearly not even remotely on yer lever bruh... I clearly need to get guud.. either way as the great Vince Vaughn once said “I know my truth”!

Just to clear something up too I’m assuming not all of these bullets are registering or maybe they are somehow missing the intended target but the instances I am referring too the targets are very close to me and on my screen it sure doesn’t look like they are missing. Anyways continue! 😘

@planetcanada so if you know you are awful, why are you discussing ttk? It's like arguing making the goal bigger, just because you can't hit it.

@benz Haha right your special kinda dumb ain’t ya!

What I suspect is the bullet impact area is very smal which we cannot justify unless we can have the turn on bullet's impacts in local play at least.
In my opinion the ttk isn't bad it is something with the impact physics.

@planetcanada Try aiming at the head, Not the feet! Games got a 1 shot headshot... That is if you can hit it Mr spray n pray.

@fattmedic God you people are stupid. Ffs the future is not looking good.

@fattmedic Lol it’s entertaining at the very least!

Anyways I’m done with this so you guys have fun! Stay in school! Don’t do drugs!


my total k/d ratio is just shy of 1.0 might .98 or something like

Want's lower TTK, because he can't kill people. Casual "i want lower TTK, cuz i'm bad" checks out once again.

Always fun to see when people arguing for lower TTK are a) bad or b) coop players (no offense to coop players..but like..there seems to be a pattern...)

@benz I haven’t played any coop and you have offered nothing of any value what so ever to this conversation! But your right I am checking out.

The game is still in beta and elitism of "pro players" is already showing. 🙂
The current TTK for heavy armor is fine, it absorbs 2-4 rounds which is quite close to arma 3's armor system, but the light armor is useless since unarmored torso can also absorb 2-3 shots. One shot heavy armor is not realistic and makes armor useless. INS2's heavy armor is actually more durable than INSS (can tank 9 shots from mp5 and mp40 without ap rounds)