First 7 hours in BETA.

Not familiar with the board-game, but love 40K and played most 40K video-games, also have recently put 80 hours into BattleTech (another turn-based strategy game) which in my opinion is a king of the genre.

That being said, this does a lot right and i have enjoyed it immensely thus far. The atmosphere is excellent, and the FPS mode adds a sweet dynamic to a top-down turn based game.

This is only BETA at the time of review, and while it is pretty damn SOLID, it does need some tweaking as you would expect.


  • Great atmosphere.
  • High fidelity.
  • Cool card system adds another layer of strategy.
  • Excellent cinematics and voice acting (so far).
  • Sweet FPS mode for visual clarity and immersion.
  • LOTS of visual customisation.
  • 2 Factions.
  • 2 Campaigns.
  • Very difficult.
  • Unforgiving.
  • Competitive online matchmaking.


  • Some janky cinematic camera movements.
  • Camera doesn't always follow the action correctly and moments are missed.
  • RNG is a little too brutal in some circumstances (cards can help alleviate this).
  • Combat could use more visual/audio impact.
  • Ability to survive more than 1 attack would be nice, but understand this might be a board game rule. Some incentive to keep Terminators alive/hero termies would be cool, though.
  • Timer in PVE seems unnecessary.

Honestly, not a lot of cons, and most things can be improved quite happily. Great job devs!

Good post. I can't wait till this hits consoles.

Every hit kills, is Space Hulk at it's core. That Bulwark unit or what not, that takes two hits is a real gamechanger, I imagine. Terminators have them new Apothecaries, thou? Don't they add a shield/potion to adjacent units or something?

@cloud-runner said in First 7 hours in BETA.:

You could be right. I haven't fielded an Apothecary much at all yet. I will take a look at this. Thanks.