Ps4 release date ?

Hi Guys,
If someone has the information, I'd like to know what is the current release date for the ps4 version of this game ?
Is it supposed to be the same date than for the steam version ? Or would it appear way later ?
I still don't see any entry for this game on the playstation store... 😞


October 9th.

There is a Beta running on Steam, but that's only for PC users. The rest of us will have to wait. 🙂

The game is in the Playstation store. You can pre-order it, to get some nifty stuff, and you can download it on October 9th

See you in there

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Apparently, the game isn't available on the French canadian store. I can effectively see it on the link provided, but it then automatically redirect me to the canadian store, which doesn't have any Space Hulk Tactics entry.

Well, we'll see if it will be available on the 9 th october then

Thanks again for the answer

Oh. That's a little odd, considering developers are mostly french and that they expanded to Montreal? Oh well, you could try Walmart. I see they are accepting preorders for the PS4 version, with release October 9th. Discs thou.. 🤕