I just got Insurgency Sandstorm and I am running Windows 7 an AMD fx6350 10gigs of DDR3 ram and a Geforce GTX 960 and the game runs horrendously objects often will not render or will not fully render random slow downs and freezes a plenty turning the graphic settings down does little to help the game when the game is running well things like deploying smoke grenades will often cause massive slowdowns or freezes and while playing online the situation is far far worse its is basically unplayable for me in its current state and is need of much optimization on the lighter less game breaking side of issues I have seen a plethora of random graphical and animation issues including reload animations getting swapped for standard and extended magazines on the MP7 and characters using the wrong animation for holding the firearm they are holding I intend to update this post as new updates are released to hopefully keep track of performance improvements

Update:1 apparently Turning the streaming texture poo size to the lowest setting seems to have help with freezes and slowdowns I have been experiencing.

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