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That seems much thicker than mine. I'll take a look at it. Thanks!

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I didnt make this mod for fame, but made it for fun. Dont ask why i made this because i dont know why. More updates on the prerunner soon.


added a racing net on the back window. I'm still working on the rollcage on this mod, but you might be able to see parts of it.


@riskywisky put these nets on the front windows, because there are the things you can lose during a competition. That's where these nets are for, so you don't lose your roadbook for example. Keep in mind that almost everything needs to have a purpose, otherwise just don't add them. Same for lights for example, add a lightbar to see in the dark, not to make a christmas tree

@wrangmog I will model a racing net for the front as well (now seeing google images make more sense). I'm not sure if i should put racing seats in the back, or just not have seats in the back at all and replace it with other items (like fire extingushier, etc.)

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Took some of my favorite Trucks and put them here.. I suggest to go download em all.

Ight just wanted to thank all of y'all for the 6.4K views... It means so much to Redneck and I.

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Thanks to @Spun, now i have a semi-good looking chrome on this truck. Thanks man.

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Did a new UV Map on the mega... thoughts? I'm thinking of putting more skulls on the truck, but for now this is what ive got.

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Merry Christmas.. drifting

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For about a week, I will be inactive (from my computer) so here are some things done and that will be done in the future of this truck:
Stuff that is done:
-the main undercarriage
-the tires
-chrome textureing
-riskywisky text
-most skulls
-front bumper
-most animation

Stuff that needs to be done:
-modeled roll cage for both this and the prerunner
-1 or 5 ton axles
-more uv mapping

Please post below what you think we should do to improve our trucks or what we should do to specific trucks. For now, I cannot do anything since I am on vacation away from my computer (on my phone).

@A-Slice-Of-Pizza awesome progress pizza i like he shading of chrome wich is quite hard to get right with the speculas that this game uses, cheers friend and im looking forward to see more content from you

@RiskyWisky hey you should lower the polys on the cdts because the extra details, lags the game and also is pretty much ussles because the game reduces de "bowties" in cdts to try to make the as close to a box/cylinder as possible wich the game ends up calling mmop cdt, and the results of a mmop cdt are trees going into the truck and bad MP collisions, try to stick to a box, rather than something acurate to a body cdt, note that cylinders cdt should be 2,4,8,16 faced cylinders so the game doesnt try to optimize them into a flat faced cdt, and flat cdt (non solid like a plane) are also game breakers thats why once you get into a rock there will come a crash of the game because the havok engine cant have a player cdt into a npc,object cdt .....

@forces Thanks man for helpin our team!

EDIT: Tbh most of my cdts are just a clone of my body and my frame combined. I’ll start to just edit the poly of a box so it doesn’t cause issues.

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