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That's why your trucks freak out when they high center on rocks

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Please post below what you think we should do to improve our trucks or what we should do to specific trucks. For now, I cannot do anything since I am on vacation away from my computer (on my phone).

I'd like to see a REG cab long box version of the mega Silverado, with slightly wider axles and the fenders hacked open for more up travel, no rear bumper... with a nasty GAS engine sound.

That’s what I’m planning to do when I get home from vacation. Thanks!

If anyone has a nasty gas engine sound (that works with mudrunner) then please post below. Thanks!

Those tires on the dodge are sick red

Put @A-Slice-Of-Pizza's shell on the mega truck. Also back from florida.

I’ve put the superswampers into Substance Painter (don’t have any pictures yet). The roll cage on the prerunner is on pause but I will work on it When I get time.

Digging the new front bumper there. Topper shell an add-on or permanent part of the truck? Hopefully an add-on....

Since i dont have the best luck of addons, there will be 2 different versions of the truck. One with no shell and one with a shell.


Put the tires through substance painter.

The new tractor tire up close.

1_1546665724534_megatruck3.PNG 0_1546665724534_megatruck2.PNG

I would say that the Mega truck is finished.

Project(s) that i will continue to work on
-silverado prerunner
-sounds (need to find good duramax sounds)
-radiator and cooling system
-antenna animation
-tire texturing
-back will have wide tractor tires and front will have maxxiss bighorns
-'untouched' silverado"
-sounds (duramax sounds)
-engine under the hood
-leaf spring redo
-leaf springs are too thin on it
-needs coils in the front (has leafs in the front now)
-stacks and more addons (if possible)

Thats mainly all ill be focusing on in the next month. If anyone has any duramax sounds then ill take a look at them.

also fixed and modeled a new cdt on the mega truck, fixes a lot of clipping in issues into rocks

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Hey Redneck, Truggy looks good. I gotta ask though....how does a guy open the hood?
IMO you should lose the hood "X" and crossbar.

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