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That's why your trucks freak out when they high center on rocks

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Please post below what you think we should do to improve our trucks or what we should do to specific trucks. For now, I cannot do anything since I am on vacation away from my computer (on my phone).

I'd like to see a REG cab long box version of the mega Silverado, with slightly wider axles and the fenders hacked open for more up travel, no rear bumper... with a nasty GAS engine sound.

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If anyone has a nasty gas engine sound (that works with mudrunner) then please post below. Thanks!

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I’ve put the superswampers into Substance Painter (don’t have any pictures yet). The roll cage on the prerunner is on pause but I will work on it When I get time.

Digging the new front bumper there. Topper shell an add-on or permanent part of the truck? Hopefully an add-on....

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Since i dont have the best luck of addons, there will be 2 different versions of the truck. One with no shell and one with a shell.

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1_1546665724534_megatruck3.PNG 0_1546665724534_megatruck2.PNG

I would say that the Mega truck is finished.

Project(s) that i will continue to work on
-silverado prerunner
-sounds (need to find good duramax sounds)
-radiator and cooling system
-antenna animation
-tire texturing
-back will have wide tractor tires and front will have maxxiss bighorns
-'untouched' silverado"
-sounds (duramax sounds)
-engine under the hood
-leaf spring redo
-leaf springs are too thin on it
-needs coils in the front (has leafs in the front now)
-stacks and more addons (if possible)

Thats mainly all ill be focusing on in the next month. If anyone has any duramax sounds then ill take a look at them.

also fixed and modeled a new cdt on the mega truck, fixes a lot of clipping in issues into rocks

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Hey Redneck, Truggy looks good. I gotta ask though....how does a guy open the hood?
IMO you should lose the hood "X" and crossbar.

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