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-flipped almost all of the polys on the body and did some just general work to it

-finally got my spintires plugin position to work, so ive positioned the driveshafts. Thank you @wrangmog and henriquetironi for the help.

-the leaf spring animation on the back axles were a little jank, so redid those.


looking at old mods, looking at new mods. The progress is insane. Just wanted to thank everyone here on the fourm mainly because when i first got a pc i didnt know the first thing to modding. It was something i knew I could do, just something i didnt know how. Started to talk with you guys on oovee (3 years ago) and yall all helped me with my mapping and part of my truck making. Without yall i wouldnt have the skill i have today. Without you guys, I wouldnt of been able to teach @A Slice Of Pizza the first thing. Most of us don't realize but we all make each other better, and so i made this post to just reconize that and to thank you all. Have a splendid day today.


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Ive been having some uploading issues recently with the SpinTires Editor. What ive decided to do is delete the old mod folder, copy and paste into a new. This will most likely update it to the newest version. Also, I will start back up my youtube channel (go check it out now)


Getting back to work after a few weeks. Got a new pc... Starting work on a 1979 Ford F250







New unreleased map : Cali love (california love)

at first i was trying to make the map seem 'burnt' and look like a wild fire hit it, but then looking at some of california's beauty in nature, i wanted to make california look good. Here are some photos

0_1548621291311_color changes duramax.PNG

changes on the duramax:

>changed the chrome to a dark grey
>changed the body color to a blue

>swapped out the interior since it looked like an suv interior
>i will soon uv map it and show some pictures.

>put atv tires on the truck


Look. I will drop modding if people like him say unrelease al of my mods just because I said I’m not doing the changes on my mod that he wants. Geez

Lol if he doesn’t like them then just don’t download them.. your just trying to make it fun for others. From where you started to where you are now is a huge change keep up the good work.

Yup. You can please some of the people some of the time. Delete the comment from your mind and from the Steam page (reporting the commenter for offensive posts is at your discretion).

Why do you feel the need to threaten the community because of one person? As stated above, you can't please everyone and this is your biggest problem, you ask for people's opinions/thoughts and if people are telling you anything but "Your mods are awesome Risky" then you get all pissy. Why do you even care what others think? Mod because you love to do it, not to impress people. I was hoping you were going to change your attitude, but clearly you are going to continue down this path of alienating yourself while pissing on others in the community. Personally I have little...make that NO respect for you and really couldn't care less if you were to stop modding and that's strictly based off of how you hold yourself higher than anyone else even though your mods are still quite amateur. I hope my comments don't bother you because quite frankly, Im a nobody in the community and what I say shouldn't matter to you.

I dont hold my self higher than no body. Give me proof if you want to say otherwise @Fatboy

just because i am 12 does not mean that i do not have the right to release my works.

Damnnn dog that looks sick!