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Redneck and i both are taking a break from releasing mods due to the excessive amount of mods that have been released lately. Thanks for cooperating.

Community Moderator - MudRunner

Good morning, everyone!

I will be resuming my works in modding and will be continuing to make quality mods for the community! My pace of modding will be way slower than before (about 1 mod each month) and i will be playing other video games (theHunter Calasic, Apex Legends, CSGO, and many more!) Anyway, I will also be putting out more detailed responses here on the fourms. I will have todo lists for each mod. If you guys want any specific mod done, please just put a detailed response here on the fourm about what the truck is, a sketchup model, a google image, and how the tuning should be. I cannot do everyone every truck they want, so ill take it into consideration.

Here is an update on the chevy:


Anyway, thank you guys so much for the 15k views on this page!


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1_1550718105416_20190220210052_1.jpg 0_1550718105416_20190220210038_1 - Copy.jpg

I will be working on my kodiak and revising it (we could all agreed it sucked) so heres what ive got so far. changed the tires to atv (just a test) i also uv mapped the lights so they looked realistic.

next i will work on the grill and model my own since its just a simple box atm

after that i will redo the interior and get a working wheel and get working driveshafts

Community Moderator - MudRunner



just an update... added axles and uv mapped most things

also, ive uv mapped these tires and they just dont get dirty, does anyone have a solution?

Community Moderator - MudRunner

Check if they have a alpha layer on their textures and its a32bit tga or a dxt5 .dds texture and have the proper __d_a in the name, just __d doesnt get mud that good as __d_a

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