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@Forces thanks man, I’ll give it a try!

Whats an alpha layer?


Edit: i already have one according to gimp, and it still wont get mud on.

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What greyscale value is the alpha channel? White alpha means no mud, black alpha means max mud (adjust to a shade of grey until you're happy with it).

@Mexican_420 i re uv mapped it and threw it into gimp and now it gets muddy. Thanks man!

Alternatively, you can use a white alpha channel in the actual texture file, then adjust the alpha using the tire's XML;
DiffuseMultiplier="(R; G; B; A)"
R = red
G = green
B = blue
A = alpha
Values can range from a minimum of-255 to a maximum of 255. So basically you would DECREASE the alpha value (if you start with a white alpha, of course) until you get the mud opacity you want.

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@Mexican_420 alright, ill try this since my uv map doesnt apply on the mesh. just shows up black.


@Mexican_420 @Forces Thanks guys for the help with the tire textures!

Update on OBS F-250:
Uv mapped the body and put a camo texture (not final)
Uv mapped the lights
fixed the tire mud issue (special thanks to @Mexican_420 & @Forces
added spinning driveshafts

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@mexican_420 fun fact i tend to have test tires set to (7;7;7;50) and just add a nice specular map to them to add some rubber like reflections, i use to use them in mypersonal mods just because i never found a nice rubber ish like color until i meet substance, now i just have a presset wich i edit for each set of tires, including their alpha layers
@Riskyisky make sure you only have one uv set for the tires, the game reacts in weird ways to have many on a single mesh

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@Riskyisky make sure you only have one uv set for the tires, the game reacts in weird ways to have many on a single mesh

Yea man, thanks for the tip!


Just some more shots of the obs.

Hey guys.

I’ll be off for about a week for a vacation. I’ll be away from my computer so I won’t be able to update any trucks.

Nice, there're not many Ford trucks in mudrunner. Actually the only one I know comes with american wilds.

Yea. That’s the reason I’m making one

Well, only to find Nix actually has 3.. almost forgot about. Either way, love to see more.

@nokadota i wanted to say there are way more, but unfortunately most of those i realize are not released just yet. however there are a few good ones on the workshop imo.

looking good risky.

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Risky I love your work keep it up buddie

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Risky I love your work keep it up buddie


Hey all!

We just hit 20K views! Thanks for all of the support lately!

Anyway, have a nice day and have fun muddin’.

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