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Yeah, I've since learned of a few other. Was somewhat under the impression there were not that many.

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I changed the camo to a B&W and added a front bumper. I was trying to find a ford front bumper on sketchup but my 3ds max is not wanting to import so I modeled a simple bumper for now.

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New addon for the OBS - a hitch cargo carrier that can carry logs (the logs are just firewood)

Now it needs a camper shell on the bed and some roof rack stuff

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@invalidredneck said in Risky and Redneck's Modded Workshop:

Now it needs a camper shell on the bed and some roof rack stuff

Full send there bud. Ima put a welder and toolbox as addon later.

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Got it in game, got all of the code figured out (which was a pain) i'll work on uv mapping tommorow so they look real.


I thought about it and realized I should have posted that in a PM instead. My bad.

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