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Вы знаете, что он прав, это всего лишь заняло бы минуту, чтобы скопировать и вставить комментарий в онлайн-переводчик.


No need to even copy/paste anything. As a Steam game hub moderator, I can tell you one of the most used tools in my arsenal of moderator tools is the Google Translate extension for Chrome. I can highlight what you said and it pops up a small window with it automatically translated. 😀

I can't wait for the day that anyone can type any language and the browser just automatically translates it and we can all chat without language ever being an issue.

That’s a thing @PicSoul ? Being a game hub mod?


There are Global Moderators and then there are Game Hub Moderators who only moderate a certain game, or in my case games. Global Moderators are chosen by Valve, Game Hub Moderators are chosen by the devs of said game/s.

Ah I said. Is that controlled by focus (the publisher) or saber (the developers)??


Sneak peak of a very early mod - Ford F-100. Started it yesterday so its in beta.

Update: Dropped out with the whole f100 idea since all of the models on the whole internet i could find were trash. So i decided to make a ford f350 1959



0_1554520925827_20190405221910_1.jpg \

Some pictures of the F350. Please not that ive only been working on it for an hour

Not gonna lie that looks kinda sick. Just need some old school tires and wheels for it.


Yea red, ill look for some old school tires. Im going for a beachy style with this truck, and one of its addons are going to be a surf board.

Hey guys, here ill post my youtube channel. It would help a lot if you guys would subscribe.

Risky's Youtube Page



In the mod there will be 2 versions of this truck, one that is built (this one) and one that is stock.

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Tell me what y'all think of it, and tell me when y'all would like to see put on it / changed. Thanks.


Make sure to go check it out!

Edit: I got the sketchfab stuff working, its pretty neat.

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