Risky and Redneck's Modded Workshop


new tires

ooo rednecks clutchin with that ranger dangg

@riskywisky I have to ask what is the dark triangle on the door? Is that poly flipped?

Yea its a poly flipped. Im getting it fixed tonight.


progress on the f650. need to model a suspension 😉


texture update

oh ya does anyone have any substance painter baking settings that are good


new map: riskys creek

go check it out on riskywhisky workshop

Hey guys here is our server... here we will post when we stream, and when we play online so yall can play. We also post more images on there too


1_1543698058661_gmcsus.PNG 0_1543698089068_fordsus.PNG

suspension updates almost done with the 2

Bighorns and suspension from @RiskyWisky. Thanks bud