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going out of comfort zone and building a rock crawler... based on the first photo.

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Sup guys.

Heres my first attempt at making the game look better. I will be trying to fix and make the textures more realistic.

Download --->0_1555822022034_DayTimes Fix.zip

General Photos:



What have you done to that xj bro

@riskywisky said in Risky and Redneck's Modded Workshop:

that is one good looking shot. 👍🏽

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@terminatorx58 that 'thing' is a cherokee. some dude on steam gave me the model so why not. Most likely not releasing it.

@8up-local thanks man.

I never said ‘thing’, I said XJ which is a JEEP CHEROKEE use your google. Also the reshades look okay. But the JEEP CHEROKEE XJ, yeah don’t like that.

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