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alright so im announcing that the GMC TopKick is now offically finished! Go check it out on the workshop.. its basically the mod ive done so far.


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independent suspension in the front

single in the back (basically one axle)

rate 1 - 10

Almost done! Just gotta figure out how the sam hell to put textures on it.


Couple questions, and pardon my ignorance but...what is the purpose of the 2 fans in the back, typically they are there mounted onto an external radiator or some sort of cooler I.e. oil cooler, p/steering cooler for hydraulic steering setup? Also, why the propane tanks? Could you explain the propane/nitrous comment?

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Ok so The 2 fans in the back are just a prerunner tradition.

Also to diesel trucks propane is literately nitros to this beast, so it makes sense.

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