[feedback] Fire support UI is unintuitive

I say It's unintuitive because after several hours I found out that the blue circle is the global cooldown for your firesupport.

2_1538272265123_20180930144616_1.jpg 1_1538272265123_20180930144553_1.jpg

This was not explained in the lessons and up until now I had to just waited for radio conformation that I could call in a new firesupport.

So there is 2 types of cooldowns: 1 for each individual firesupport (white circle) and the global cooldown (blue circle).

While I would much prefer a minimal UI, this blue circle I believe should be added to the bottom left along the other HUD details. This is because you can't turn left and right when you have the fire support radial menu open - opening it to check how long the cooldown is will risk getting you killed because you can't move your player direction. This is unlike the tactical map where when you open it you can still turn your player left and right.

@slazenger I feel like the white circle for individual fire support coincides exactly with the blue circle.


Nah that's just because I immediately called smoke once I was able too at the start of the round. It has the same time for cooldown but they're both separate to each other.

So for example say during mid round I have the rocket barrage and arty barrage available to me, I can call in arty but not the rocket barrage immediate after the arty because the blue circle is on cooldown.