Draw distances.

The buildings draw distance is horrible even on ultra settings. I know that most of engagements suppose to happen mid range max, but there are few maps where long distance engagements are possible, and the buildings look horrible witch really pulls you out of the experience.

I've also wanted to seriously increase the distance shadows are rendered at max resolution, as well as increasing shadow distance overall. They disappear so close to the camera. I'd rather give up 20-30 FPS to have it look good, than feel like I'm constantly carrying around a "sphere" of shadows in my pocket.

i can agree with you on this!! its horrible!
with textures and any setting with mesh set to highest and setting the Texture streaming pool size to as high as my 8gb card can handle and still, the buidlings when zooing in with a 4 or 7x scope (that are not that far away) look like fat chunky blocks like a crazy crooked house at a funfair lol

just like what happened in pubg on xbox release here:

alt text

alt text

couldnt find anything from sandstorm as im not at home to screenshot

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