Sniper class


Sorry if this topic already exists (if so, feel free to delete it).
In my opinion bolt action sniper rifles does not have any advantages right now (only 7x scope which is available for sniper class).
I have tried to find some longer ranges (that is quite hard) and snipe with m24/mosin with 7x scope. It was really unsatisfying when you hit body shot and it does not kill an enemy. Maybe i have hit only his arm? Let me now if bullets can go straight through arm and still do damage to body. If that is not the case and here I am wrong about body shots, when also let me know.

Another topic i would like to address here would be how sniper class could be improved:

  1. I think it would be nice to see some more open area map(s) where without 4x and 7x would be a lot harder to play. Maybe even bullet drop or time travel would be seen?
  2. Sniper class for Insurgents could have one more primary gun (I believe). My suggestion would be VSS Vintorez.

What you think about all of this?

@painafterdeath First of all, I actually wanted a VSS Vintorex for the Insurgent Advisor; reason being that he currently has nothing that's actually "exotic". Also, the VSS doesn't really have a lot of range compared to the other Marksman weapons (but it hits like a truck lmao).

As for long range shots, the Mosin is actually capable of doing its job and should definitely kill an enemy at long range. Make sure that past you're weapon's effective range you account for bullet drop and travel time on moving targets. That being said, the M24 is utter dogshit and I'd recommend using an M14 EBR /w a Long Barrel instead as it actually has better killing potential at range.

As for maps that require 4x/7x scopes, it probably won't happen since NWI wants the main focus to be CQB Infantry combat, although there's already a ton of spots that are pretty good for snipers (like basically anywhere on Canyon or Refinery).

Limb penetration should be a thing as well.

There have been some topics about Marksman weapons (like my post about the M24 lmao) but nothing that really encompasses everything AFAIK.

Also, Marksmen have access to not only the 7x scopes, but also the Mosin's Greased Bolt, the PU scope for the Mosin (which has an excellent reticle IMO) and the PSO-1 scope for the SVD Dragonov (the reticle for this one is pretty good but not that clean; it looks fucking awesome though so I'm not using anything else ).

@MarksmanMax Thanks for reply and info!

VSS Vintorez is considered a special sniper rifle. I thought it would be nice addition to Insurgents sniper because it could be more versatile in urban area. Also, Security sniper has 3 primary weapons (M16, M14 , M24 ) but Insurgents sniper has only 2 options (SVD, Mosin).

I have tried to do long range shots but i did not notice bullet drop or travel time. I have missed many shots when i tried to compensate for bullet drop and travel time. So now most of time i shot to body and it seem to hit where i am aiming. Leading ahead of player module? i am not sure... maybe 1-3 pixels 😃

Why is M24 so bad (I will try to look it up on your post)? Regarding M14 - totaly agree that it is great weapon!

I agree that you can find spots for snipers, but i often find myself switching and going for shorter ranges even on Canyon. Maybe i haven't found every spot in these maps 🙂

PSO-1 is best on SVD. I run it on SVD also. High five! 😃

@marksmanmax said in Sniper class:

I actually wanted a VSS Vintorex for the Insurgent Advisor

Yea that'd be a perfect fit. A big reason I think the marksman class is kind of at a disadvantage is that even though the maps are big, you're only ever engaging enemies who spawn by the next objective. It's not like you can actually shoot guys from across the map. Plus, since there's no alt sights, by equipping a high power scope you're disabling yourself for close quarters. Having alt sights would fix a lot I think.