Being able to customize armor

I feel like armor is one of the things that should be customizable, mostly in security, i was thinking how about when you hit rank 25, rank 50 and rank 100, obviously locked to the teams colors, i noticed that you can still make a desert camo'd soldier that actually blends pretty well, so balancing wouldnt take part of it, how about green armor, brown armor and the level 100 being the actual camo of the uniform, insurgents could instead get different visuals to them, like a more rugged armor or more tactical looking for example, as really other colors would stick out a lot and wouldnt make much sense in reality, as i dont think there are any red or purple colored vests

I would love if this were implemented as we could have atleast a distinction between people who have been playing for a long time and some more progression to keep playing.

Maybe not brown armor, but another color that only the security have.

I think they said something along the lines of wanting the security's vest not to be camouflaged so that their exclusive camo options don't give them too much of an advantage.

@quadsword Yeah, the thing i dont get is you can pretty much get a sand camo and be completely camoed already.

@quadsword Yeah but their camo options can sometimes give an advantage.
So they should bring back the black hoodie options for insurgents as well.