There has been a lot of chatter about people playing together in solos. I am one of them. Every time i try to do duos i cant get a game, my suggestion is let the squads face of against solos like in PUBG. On there you can do one man squads in which you are fighting teams of people. If this is implemented it would be great for players like me that want to play with friends but cant find a match. Just an idea

You can choose to play as a single player, in 4 man squads, in PUBG. There is A BIG difference in choosing to play out numbered, vs having LOSERS team, when they know EVERYONE else is playing solo. There is NO squads in FTW, atm, so of course you can't find a game, there is no squad mode and you damn well know that. Stop being a loser.

Since you brought up PUBG, if you pulled the weak ass teaming shit, in solos, in PUBG, your ass gets banned, which you also know.

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There is squads in FTW and duos in there as well just no one plays. It was just a suggestion don’t get so butt hurt about a game bro.