Hotfix 03/10/2018

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Dear all,

It’s been one week since the release of The Council - Episode 4: Burning Bridges. We would like to thank you, at first, for all your support and feedback.

Today, we’re launching a hotfix which addresses some issues that you’ve raised to us since the release. You can find below the details.

All Platforms

  • The balcony door in Elizabeth Adam’s room is now inaccessible. Players will no longer be stuck.This fix is not retroactive, and if you have had it occur, you will need to restart the episode.
  • Characters will no longer be resurrect by a bug.

PC Only

  • Players that were previously unable to generate save files and log files on specific setups are now able to create these files. These files will not work with Steam Cloud Saves.
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Have the Episode 3 dialogue and quest bugs been fixed?