Multiplayer BETA, is there anyone there?

Hi all, quick question: are people in the multiplayer beta playing Ranked or Public? I've queued for more than 10 minutes on each but couldn't find a game... or is it just a question of low player numbers?


No ideas tbh I created a room had it up for about 15mins. Gave up on that so I looked at the multiplayer list and there was no one. Are the servers down or is no one playing?

Surely people are playing. Visit Steam forums if you like, there is a lot more activity. I imagine most Beta-players are busy checking out that nifty Mission Editor thou, and playing around with customizations, and practicing versus A.I. and what not, so multiplayer may not be super active yet.

Please feel free to add me in Steam
I'd be very happy to try out multiplayer

..was there not a discord channel?

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No idea on the Discord channel if anyone knows of one could you put up the link please.

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A discord would be really good actually! Love for a hub to talk with fellow brothers and get some games going! Been looking for games, been ages and got nothing haha.

Someone on Steam forums volunteered to set up Discord for Space Hulk: Tactics, about an hour ago.

Hi all,

There is an official Space Hulk: Tactics Discord here, with an LFG channel further down: