VASTOK Here is what you need to do, no not f2p

You all have unreasonable demands for "partnering" with streamers, at this point. What you need to do, is coordinate and communicate with those of us playing. We can work together to organize game times, with the largest group of people possible, provide some free keys, to streamers, for them to use to draw viewers with raffles. We need a steady group of 30 or so players, that are willing to STREAM the game for multiple hours at a time. If that involves some of the developers playing, to fill slots, don't be scared to play your game, to try to save it. If you do this right, the game can be salvaged. You just have to be willing to lower your demands and put in some effort, past the coding and development. Are you all in, or giving up? Those of us that are playing, love the game and would be happy to help you with trying to salvage it, BUT you NEED to communicate and form an actual relationship, with this small community, right now.

hahahahaha Are you serious? This game cannot be deader. They have fail at marketing, promotion and game design spectacularly! Remember the first closed beta?! Who in his right mind releases something like that to the public? Doesn't he understand the consequences?

Your plan is just naive and dumb. It won't make a dent even if executed.
Unless FOCUS and Vostokgames overhaul all of their moronic practices and approaches and just maybe it will shoot up otherwise the game cant be more dead.

Absolutely not the tone for this forum. Locking this thread.