Coordinating with people that want to play

If you are playing/want to play, leave your handle, Country and time. We will obviously have to coordinate, between different time zones, to get a decent amount of players, in a game. I'm not sure if it's the same people, or different, but due to time gaps, I'm guessing different, but there seems to be 5-6 varied times, where 8-9 people are trying to join. If they are different groups of people, we can coordinate a time, get a decent sized group of people playing and stream the games, to get some attention to it.

KWpops CST USA, right now it's 12:19PM CST. I can basically play from 8:00PM CST until around 3:30AM CST.

Ifyou play on EU, people are playing from NA and Asia, so you can play too, so ya'll need to play on the US,Asia servers some too, instead of just sitting in the EU server, expecting everyone to play every game on EU, so you don't have to deal with the lag, like we do. Most EU players do, but there are always a few that refuse to transfer to US servers. It's selfish, so do your share of playing on NON-EU servers.

To the US players that do it, same. You either want to play, or you want to be selfish. Which is it? I'll deal with some lag and hope that others do the same. MDT USA, its 10:37 am, and I play everyday till 4pm and get back on around 10pm