Serious lack of communication...

Where is Focus? Focused on what to do with this title maybe because they have no more ideas to bring in more players? Maybe if communication was DAILY there would be more talk about it? We have heard of 3rd update then nothing...

I liked what I've played so far and I'm disapointed to see nothing happen. Maybe try to hook up something with Humble Monthly so more people would get to play, if people like they will talk about it and so on...

But for sure you are way too quiet on Forums here and Steam, Discord, Twitter, etc.

It would not surprise me if they have shifted focus to the console versions. If so, that's fine. I'll buy it on the 1X, if no one plays it on here. Will buy it on the 1 either way, really. At least on consoles, you don't have all of these idiots that think because Vostok made Survarium F2P, that they should make EVERY game F2P. Thank God there aren't near as many childish scrubs on there, as there are on PC.

@kwpops Consoles are grown ups now? LOOOOOOL the stupidest shit I've ever heard

@rhialto if they understood anything about marketing, promotion, business and game design they wouldn't have done the stupid shit they have. There's no financial intensive to keep working on it. They even cut the list of their future update. They scratched some many things. I wish I had screenshotted it

@rhialto Hey Rhialto,

We understand that you're waiting for new information on Fear The Wolves, and we plan to have an update for you in the near future.

@ColaBottle You're more than welcome to display your opinions here, but please do it in a nice manner.

@colabottle said in Serious lack of communication...:

@kwpops Consoles are grown ups now? LOOOOOOL the stupidest shit I've ever heard

That is the stupidest shit I've ever heard. I recommend reading the idiotic shit you write, before you post it, as an Xbox CANNOT be an "grown up", as your stupid ass statement says.

As far as adult vs child numbers, you're obviously stupid if you don't realize the demographics, of who is on the 1. MANY adults, dumbass kid.

@KWpops Please be nice on these forums.

I'll be locking the thread now, as it seems the topic cannot be discussed without attacking other people.