Is there no TK timeout?

I just played a game where a dude was kicked for TK'ing three people, but he had joined back into the game like a minute later.

Is there no TK timeout like in Insurgency 2014?

Game ID: 2d671d89-8e28-4ae4-b541-e686d72c1a28
Kick Time: 12:55
Return time: 13:55
Player: HollowMemes

I guess the only consolation right now is that there's at least a chance they'll get queued elsewhere, since theres no server browser yet. but hot-damn, there needs to be a "cool-off" period or "timeout" where they can't queue for 15 minutes,.


Ide prefer 30 mins to an hr but thats me. 15 mins thats way too short. The troll can hit up youtube watch some gaming videos and get right back to it without losing momentum on their behavior. 30 mins is a little better, but an hr likely have lost the drive to act like a dumbass.

@best_pseudonym Team killing has been a huge problem in every NWI game to date.

They've never made any serious effort to solve the problem. Don't expect them to suddenly change now.