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Hello forum,

I am gogge and I'm a 28 year old Swedish streamer and a hardcore gamer with a military background. I have been playing video games for as long as I can remember. For the past month I have been no-lifing the f*** out of this game. Maybe you've met me on the servers. I have accumulated over 300 hours of gameplay so I feel like I have something to bring to the table when it comes to feedback.
I recently made a video on youtube going over what every streamer I asked thought of the game including my own thoughts of what I think of the game. I didn't go into any real specifics nor did I give any ideas or real feedback other than my passionate feelings and thoughts of the game. So this post will cover all of those things that I find good, bad and stuff that I feel needs to be added or removed from the game. My only intention with this post is to make this game as great as it can get. I hope you feel the same way.

If you want to watch the video I made you can see it here: []

I don't want to waste anybody's time with a TL;DR post (it will be a tl;dr post either way) so let's get started.

I have a whiteboard behind me in my workstation and on this whiteboard I have written down a list of things that I feel this game needs to work on. I thought I would give you the list and then I would explain what I mean with each point. Here's what it says:

Please note that these are in order of importance. The bold are what I feel is of greater importance.

  • Player Models & Animations (3rd Person)
  • Momentum/Sprinting
  • Flashbangs
  • Bolt-Action Rifles
  • Deadzone - Laser sight - ADS
  • Vault Button
  • Performance (Obviously)
  • Mute Button (Obviously)
  • Sneaking/Yelling
  • Armor
  • Clipping - Prone
  • Volume Customization
  • Casual and Comp queue
  • Insignias
  • Accents
  • Chest rigs and Customization
  • Glitches

Player Models & Animations (3rd Person)

I can't really stress how much this game deserves better player animation and models in third person. I can't really give you any ideas on how to implement that other than stress the importance of this being added. By ONLY adding this to the game will you attract alot of more players to this game. Trust me. The First Person Perspective is as close to flawless as it can get. Get your Third Person act together along those lines and you're fucking set.


Sort of linked to the player animations. Maybe better animations would take care of this issue but as of right now playermodels are jerking/jittering/warping back and forth when they are sprinting. This makes it almost impossible to anticipate other players movements and it makes it look incredibly weird.

I feel like adding more momentum to sprinting would be a possible fix that would make people spam that sprint button a little less. Reducing/limiting turnspeed when you are sprinting. I would assume that there is a sweetspot. Right now I use sprint in almost EVERY situation. I still like the acceleration in fights but right now you can just warp back and forth and I'm pressing shift almost all the time.


Flashbangs in this game are pretty strong. But I feel like they should be even stronger to promote usage. I don't feel like they should blind you more but I feel like if you are in the same room as a flashbang going off then it should make you 100% deaf with a very strong ringing sound to it. Maybe add a greater suppression effect similar to getting shot at or taking shots.

Bolt-Action Rifles

This is by far one of the biggest concerns I have right now. I feel like these SHOULD one-shot everything within elbow/knee or hands/feets. Even the heavy armor. I don't see this being an issue. It has 5 rounds, it reloads slowly and there can only be 1 or 2 people using it. The DMR's right now are DOMINATING the battlefield. The bolt-action needs it's 100% oneshot hit. A sniper is overpowered in his domain, that's why there is only one.

Deadzone - Lasersight - ADS/Hipfire

When I say the deadzone (or whatever it's called) I am referring to the fact that the aim is not necessarily in the middle of the screen at all times. This is a fantastic addition due to the fact that it allows to integrate a very authentic laser-sight feel to the game. HOWEVER; It fucks up the hipfire to ADS transition.

For example:

I use the laser-sight on my 4x scope weapon. While clearing corners CQB I am aiming with my laser-sight with the confidence that my shots will land exactly where the lasersight is pointing. During the CQB scan I encounter a long range target slightly to my left/right of where I am pointing my lasersight. I quickly adjust my lasersight towards the target and try to scope in to my target. To my horror I cannot see the target in my scope because I have ADS'ed towards the middle of the screen several meters off-target. I therefor take a chance to flick, I miss, and I die.

This scenario has happened so many times that I stop using the laser-sight because it is generally better to get used to not using it.

Instead of having the ADS hone in towards the center of the screen, have it hone in towards where the weapon and it's laser is pointing. Maybe you have tried this and maybe it is weird. I don't know. But I feel like this would be a good fix.

I hope this was understandable.'

Vault Button

Me personally would be very interested in having a choice if I want to have separate key bindings for jumping and vaulting. I understand if this is a personal preference.

My idea for the vault button would be that if you HOLD the button down then it will vault over the next "vault-able" object that you come into contact with to allow for a fluid motion over said object.


Yeah I don't need to add anything here. You know it, we know, everybody knows it. Good luck!

Mute Button

I am sure you are aware that this is not working. Please fix 🙂


I love the fact that shouting and moaning is a part of this game but I would love it if the player would stay quiet if he was sneaking and or near enemy capture points.

If he get's shot at or affected by gunfire/explosions then he should of course not stay quiet but when you are deliberatly holding down your "walkbutton" (in my case ALT) then I would prefer if the idiot I am playing would shut the fuck up when he is 10 meters behind the enemy lines having tremendous trigger discipline and anticipating the most amazing flanking monsterclutch. #Feelsbadman


I am loving the system so far but I am not sure if it is working they way I am thinking that it does. I would really like if there is a seperate hitbox for the actual plate and one for the vest. This could allow for some really cool stuff.

The plate for example being invulnerable and able to take an entire magazine of 9mm coming out of a glock and the vest maybe taking 2-5(depending on vest type) rounds before knocking the guy out. I feel like you have an idea of how this should work but it would be cool if the plate actually was a plate towards certain ammo types.


Right now there are some major problems with going up certain slopes and walking over certain rocks across the maps. I'm sure this has caught your attention but if it havn't, please tell me this and I will do my best in providing the information required.

Right now proning is out of control. People proning just inside doors, proning in corners. They're literally proning everywhere. I have no problem with people being prone where you can obviously be prone. But being able to aim 90 degrees up in the sky WHILE being prone on your stomach is just too much for me. It would be great if there was a limit to how high you can aim upwards when you are prone. Let's say maybe... 30 degrees? Also, feet sticking out through walls and stuff are occuring.

Volume Customization

Right now you cannot alter the difference between in-game voice sound and the master volume. This might be intentional to make it more realistic but I have heard people complain about the fact that they can't hear what people are saying "while shooting at the same time". I have no problem with this but I feel like most people will just exploit this through Teamspeak or Discord anyway.

Casual- & Competetive Queue

Right now the competetive queue is DEAD. There is barely nobody queueing for it but I know of many that wants to play it. Especially me.

In the beginning of the beta I actually got into a game pretty quickly but was usually thrown back out into main menus after 9/10 managed to connect to the servers. I feel like this caused a positive feedback loop that made people stop queueing for comp and eventually nobody queued at all because nobody was queueing in the first place.

Having the chance to play a casual game WHILE in the competative queue would be the spark that would light this fire again. I certainly think so. As soon as 10/10 connects to it you get thrown out of your casual game and you enter the competative game.


Another thing that would encourage people to play more competative would be to have a "cooler" insignia displayed OVER your "casual rank" somewhere in the UI of the main menus. Giving the competetive rank more status.


We want more accents in the game. Either have the insurgent team speak a foreign language to everybody or foreign to the Security team but english accent to the Insurgents themselves (for people to understand whats happening).

Or just add more distinct accents to both teams. This way you don't accidentelly mistake your Kurdish security fighter for an insurgent voice and prefire him around the corner.

Chest Rigs & Added customization

After level 110'ish I reached the limit needed to acquired all the points I needed to get the outfit I wanted. After I had the uniform I wanted I thought of other stuff that would be cool if you could customize.

I heard on your streams that you were talking about tattoos. And that is nice.

What about different types of chestrigs, shoulderpatches, pistolholsters etcetc. The variations are endless. Implement a way to customize your entire platecarrier. People would LOVE this. Trust me. Just do it!


Here I will post all the weird glitches that I find.

The post is under construction.

Current version is 1.0.

TL;DR - Go fuck yourself!

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On the point of momentum/sprinting, personally, I'd like to see characters getting slowed down when they get hit. Who takes off at warp speed when they've just taken a round in the chest/leg? This would help with the current problem of aim prediction for follow up shots by stopping the enemy from jittering and warping across the screen as they freak out in panic mode.

I love this game! I have played just about every FPS out there, and this is hands down my favorite right now. I have been playing and Watching Gogge's stream for the last two weeks, Gogge is a great player, and has put in the time to really test this game out. His insight, and knowledge of the game is very good.

I believe this game has big potential. All the changes Gogge mentioned are spot on. My only addition would be: I wish recoil was more of a factor, but it is fun spraying down six enemies running at you.

Insurgency Sandstorm is fun, and already a good game, that I believe can become a top shooter. If this game gets love from the developers, and people give it a shot, I think it can pull a lot of players from the other shooters, because Insurgency is unique. It plays different than the other shooters. Its real enough, and so fast pace that it puts you in the moment. This is one of the few times I really felt immersion in a FPS.

Thank you Gogge, for your time, and review. Keep up the good fight!

I appreciate the time and energy you put into this. This is great feedback! Thank you!