Number of spawn vehicles

That is the number of spawn vehicles on maps?

I'm not sure I understand the question - do you mean how many vehicles will be there at the start? This is different on each map

@iyagovos yes, number of random vehicles on map.
Different, ok.
On the bog - how many? Other maps? And its always 4 for example, or may vary?

(Im asking since i play without navigation menu, searching for vehicles blindly))

Thx in advance for the answer!)

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It varies on each map. The Dog starts with seven vehicles, for example

Means 3 to choose and 4 random on map.
So i need to find the last one somewhere)

I was playing the valley the other day and started the game with one, one star vehicle. I found one random truck by the northwest garage and the only other truck I got was the default 6x6 by the fuel station. In the past I have always gotten 2 random trucks and the default 6x6. Did something change? First time I only got one random truck in a map

@stirmygnat now someone correct me if i am wrong, but i believe there is a chance that random vehicles might not spawn. it is just a part of that randomness they had added to the game. i could be wrong though. i have never really paid that close of attention to them. i have a bad habit of deleting all starter trucks and using the Ural for my starter and just sticking with it. i only really use the extra vehicles on the ma to support the Ural if i find it is needed.

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I believe The valley has minimum number or trucks. I finished with 4, 2 starters and 2 founded

@stazco said in Number of spawn vehicles:

Means 3 to choose and 4 random on map.
So i need to find the last one somewhere)

Found the seventh, thx for info)