Career Mode

I'm proposing the idea of a career mode in which the user will control 1 player throughout the duration of their career.

The user will aim to make a legendary blood bowl player. On the pitch, they will only control their own player. Players will face challenges and make decisions that will gain favour with players, the coach sponsors and fans mid-game. Users can buy equipment, bribes, weapons and dope to help their player reach success.

Career mode ends when the user retires the player, the player dies, becomes too old to play or receives a lifetime ban.

This opens up the possibility of co-op multiplayer where multiple players can play on the same team online.

I've written a lot more for this idea but its pretty long so I'll post this for now and if it gains momentum I'll post the rest.

That's an interesting idea, but I'm not sure it would work in the highly variable setting of BB. Death will come far too often. It would require some fairly fundamental mechanism changes to make it anything other than frustrating on-pitch, or some sort of off-pitch deus ex machina intervention which might kill the immersion you appear to be trying to create.

I'm not saying it's a bad idea, simply that the game might not be geared up for that sort of thing.

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I feel like death should happen often. Otherwise, you'd just be adding a second story mode. But I feel like that's the challenge of the career mode, balancing good performance on the pitch with survival.

It affects the skills the user would choose for their player. For example, block or accurate for a human thrower. The rate of survival would also depend on the race of the user's player. Dwarves would be far less likely to die than Elves for example. Also, all the death would make it accurate to the lore. lol

That being said I do understand that the game needs to be 'playable' and not too frustrating for the user. 🙂