• Played with Ps4 Controller. You either make Mapping possible even on Console or have lots of Options available. Makes Consolereos feel more comfortable
    I still play lots on PS4 with my Buddies and will probably buy Deathwing there aswell ^^

    Not working:

    • Zoom does not work ( you probably know )
      ** Psyker Abilities do not work
      *** Hacking to an extent doesnt work (Destroying/ selecting to play as Turret)

    New Mapping

    R1: Command Wheel

    L3: Sprinting

    Cross right: Map/ Psygate

    X- double tap: Flashlight

    Left Cross ( pressing ): Nahum selection
    Left Cross ( holding): Nahum way Order

    Upper Cross ( pressing ): Barachiel selection
    Upper Cross ( holding ): Barachiel way order

    Touchpad: Psygate/ Map
    ** Touchpad could even have Map and Psygate at once ( Which probably is the best solution...) One is Pressing and the other is scratching the Touchpad.
    ** If you decide to do above, " R1 " could be made Zoom Button!

    you use cross only for selection of the Brothers and use " Down and right " Cross for Map/ Flashlight/ Psygate

    Commands when in looking at Map:

    • I suggest " pressing/ holding Square " when looking at the Map to Scan the Surroundings for Hacking possibilities. Otherwise you have to press the Button on the bottom which is time consuming on Console... If youve played enough Console Games you know how stupid it is to Hover around with your Gamepad to select anything!

    As an Original Consolero i especially would suggest having sprinting on " L3 "
    Its Classic like this and its more comfortable for (new) Players on Console. They instantly get the feel from other Games and makes swapping to Deathwing easier!

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