Head Glitching needs to be addressed.

Due to an apparent discontinuity between the FPS POV of the player and its position in relation to the player's model, I'm noticing a situation where sight to bore ratio isn't actually implemented, and characters are capable of successfully firing rounds beyond the cover they are in front of so long as they are capable of seeing their targets.

This needs to be addressed because it causes a situation where only the very top of the head of a player behind cover is required to be exposed in order for them to successfully land rounds on their target from behind said cover.

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@exile How it works in Ins2014 (I think, unless I somehow confused Ins2014 with PAYDAY 2) is that all bullets fired come from your gun while hipfiring and from your face while aiming down sights. Since UE4 is more advanced, though, I'm not sure how it works in Sandstorm.

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In regards to head glitching, I don't know to what extent our talking about (meaning how much of the head is visible) but when you look down sights in real life the gun is actually pretty much eye level. you bring the gun up to your face. this is why trenches are so useful in war because your only poking your head out making you a smaller target.

Even in trench warfare you still need to expose basically your entire face when firing. (your eye has to be above the lip, but also to look down your sights so does the gun...the gun is about 4-6 inches tall so that means basically everything above your chin is required to be exposed to the enemy to fire. (and that's not even assuming you're resting the gun on your hands for stability)

In a lot of games, all you have to expose is down to your eyeball (and you can often not even see the gun that is supposedly firing at you). This is why it's stupid to have bullets coming out of the players face (camera) it makes it FEEL better when firing (mainly when close to walls) , but makes receiving fire for everyone in the game so much worse because in the end it's just a cheap illusion and fucks up PvP.

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When firing a rifle the but is resting in the shoulder, and the bore is generally in line with the upper portion of the but of the rifle meaning that for you to fire a shot, you have to expose yourself pretty much up to your shoulders.

I mean, this is how it works in pretty much every first person shooter I've ever played.

Not that that's necessarily a good thing.

https://imgur.com/wMgeWXh Head-Glitching explanation, its been an issue for FPS's for the longest time

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There are many FPS games in the Milsim community that properly model sight to bore ratio, It's really not that hard.