Map exploits

There are a number of individuals using map exploits to get to areas obviously never intended to be play areas.

These individual are exploiting an area of the map that allows Security to fire down from above a mountain near the Insurgence spawn point.

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Don't name and shame. It's against forum rules.

can you show me where it's against forum rules? I can't seem to find it.

[EDIT] It does mention that you are not to identify suspected cheaters; however this is not a cheat. Albeit, I can understand if this still fits under the context of the spirit of that rule.

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It's funny because it's literally the easiest out of glitch area ever. Climb on car, hop on wall, hop on hill and you're done. And suddenly you can fire down onto D and even fire a rocket right at the insurgent truck without them being able to defend. It's like they never even fucking tested their own maps. They have invisible walls on seemingly easily traversable rocks and shit on Crossing, but the most OBVIOUS and easy get-to-unplanned-areas glitches are still in the game.

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Well that's why we're here complaining about it; so those get fixed.

they should fix the one way rocks and make it an actual playable area. it would add a new flanking route and an area for snipers to acc be somewhat useful. they should build it up a bit to, sand bags and a light maybe, so ppl in the valley can see those visual signifiers and know that the area is playable and that theres a chance someones shooting from there.

@amurka I agree with the statement and at the same time I would like to mention that this game needs a different perspective on development. Since they changed engines, it's back to square one with programming, mapping, and content development. They've got nothing to build up from as a handicap like the previous NWI releases did. Look at Duke Nukem Forever and see the troubles they had with changing engines. This is a bold and risky move for them.

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