Bots' Targetting

Bots are targeting through walls without having seen enemy prior. More specifically the AI walk into an objective I'm defending and shoot me through a wall, it only seems to happen on specific walls--those thin striped ones seen in-between some pillars.

@thegordonfreeman AI is broke. Other than that there are some walls that the bots seem to "see" , probably just some blips in the map design.

@max80 said in Bots' Targetting:



Are you serious ? Correcting peoples orthography in a FPS Forum !?
Are you an english teacher or just a smart aleck ?
English might not be his native language.
Who cares how he writes as long as you can understand what he means ?
Please keep your corrections in your privat area.

You see ? Now i am correcting you .. not nice is it ?

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If I had made that error I would want someone to let me know. kinda like having something in your teeth, hair, tag showing on your shirt behind your neck, shoe unlaced, lights on in your car. I know grammar nazis get off on it and I considered sugar coating my correction for him; and I also hoped general faith in humanity would allow for me to post that with the idea I was being nice but I guess I was wrong.

Have a nice day!

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Thats alright buddy, you seem to be a nice guy , helpful which you cannot see often these days.
But correcting peoples orthography in a public forum is just unnnessary as many people do not want to type the correct grammar and orthograpy.
Just as me,.... typing fast and may be often spelling words wrong,... but hey, who cares ? This is not an article in the New York Times 😉

Have a nice day too 🙂

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Yea I see what you are saying. Ill try to keep it to myself and try to remember that.