Hey guys
We all know communication is key.

It makes new players more comfortable and
improves teamplay and gameplay in general.

So far I have not been impressed with the game comms audio at all.

There is a long delay before trx begins and ends too so,
starts and ends of transmissions are being cut off.

There seems to be bandwidth problems too, causing choppy audio.

Personally I can't get Proximity voice chat to be heard by others ingame at all,
even tho it shows I am trxing ingame by the onscreen pop-up
and even tho I can be heard in Team voice chat by some players
no idea what's up with that. 😞

Can I suggest you look into running VOIP on a separate server IP address.

This works for the FPS game that holds the world record for most simultaneous players online
together at one time so it should work for us and help with larger teams in the future if it's viable.

Bandwidth is always an issue for smooth gameplay and I see many crashes and lag glitches, especially in
modded Ins2 servers when game action and VOIP action bandwidth are maxed out at the same time.

So separate IP address/server for VOIP ... Or just improve it anyway you can!

I have a few friends that have just not bothered to continue playing Sandstorm
because the VOIP was so choppy and random we just couldn't 'connect' when we first started playing together.

I don't see them playing anymore.

In-game communications need improvement!

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