Who's enjoying sandstorm more than the original? (I am)

I'm writing this because in the original insurgency i could never play for hour and hours on end just in and out, but iv hardcored this beta so much, its the game i'v been waiting for so long, the gunner is so much fun when placed correctly.

Also, what scope do you guys prefer to use as insurgents on the AK sort of weapons i like the Kobra one that sort of pops out with metal around it.

the sound is IMMENSE, i think when people learn the maps they will like it a lot more

I think this game needa a ton of work, especially in optimizing and AI behavior, but I definitely like it more. Ins 2 was just people bopping and sliding around with ap ammo flick instagibbing each other. I like this much more. Sandstorm seems like more of the promised product: a realism-based shooter.

I am really happy about the COOP and will only play for COOP. This was the reason I bought the title and I am very impressed although holding out for the single player campaign in the late future. Still more work to do with AI but loads more playable than ins2. I prefer Irons in this game, though ins2 I would always use the eclan or a marksman scope. Weird how that worked out with the game in my perspective.

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yeah... I love it. But I also loved the other.

@barryballsack There's certainly work left to be done, but I'm already in love with what's here. The fact that there's some actual nuance to gunplay already makes me like it more than Ins2. I love experimenting with different guns in different setups to find my favorites. Because of the AP rounds meta in Ins2, all the guns just felt like different skins with very minor differences in handling (In fact, I pretty much saw no reason to use anything besides the M16A4 and AKM all day), and it made pistols punch way above their caliber (seriously, a puny 9mm should not tear through armor like paper).

Right now, the MP7 w/ suppressor and extended mag is my baby. It reminds me of my Call of Duty 4 days where my favorite setup to use was a suppressed P90, rushing points and flanking enemies.

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Loving it, even though there are things to improve&fix! 🙂

Also loving Ins:Sandstorm as a beta because of the intense war athmosphere which is kind of overwhelming and addicting.
All the artillery explosions, realistic weapon sounds, screaming and shouting raise the immersion of a war theater enormous.
But still i am hoping that it will get better A.I. in final release as it is not optimized and could perform much better.
Also some weapon and armour adjustment has to be done and movement speed has to be decreased as many players run and gun too much at this moment.
Framedrops from 90´s to 50´s during intense firefights are the worst problem of this game although the unreal engine should have more potential when optimized.
In most situation the framedrop related lags get people killed as they cannot react as quick and fluid as they are used to.

Concerning Insurgency (2014 ) : I played totally 1550 hours until today and enjoyed any minute of it.
Especially the modded servers like Bradipi Urlanti ( friendly forces icons on characters removed ) or the Bot Massacre servers ( additional Medic and VIP and Engineer classes ) are awsome !
The game runs with much higher FPS as Sandstorm does ( i mostly play with 150 FPS - 220 FPS depending on the maps ) and the high quality custom maps are fantastic !
The modding community raised the game to a level, that the standard Insurgency game as it is could never reach on its own.
So i am sure that i still will play Insurgency until the modders take care of Sandstorm and implement the same custom maps to a newer variant ( this time made in Unreal Engine 4 )

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@gsg_9_lightning I agree, framedrops occur right after capping an objective sometimes and last for some time. I often find my self roaming around in a remote area until it passes while everyone else is having a blast.

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after playing this for an hour I need to leave and play INS2 to remember how good it used to be. I have high hopes but a bad feel imo, well see.

I have 211 hours in Sandstorm already and havent been playing much Ins2 lately. So I went for a game yesterday. It was like going from driving a well used Mercedes(sandstorm) to drive a brand new Volkswagen. Ins2 just works, its smooth and its so well balanced. I enjoy both games, but they are also very diffferent imo.

If you are talking about currently, I haven't really played ins2014 for a oh so many years. Haven't played any Sandstorm recently though neither since the competitive matchmaking is so messed up. If you are talking about how much I enjoyed the original compared to how I enjoy Sandstorm, I enjoyed ins2007 more than the other two.

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@barryballsack Definitely not me. Insurgency Source is a million times better in terms of gameplay.

There are some aspects of the original game that I'm missing a lot in Sandstorm. I hope we get some of these fixes and features in the future, after the release of the game:

  1. Performance
    I know Sandstorm has better graphics, but man, I can run the original game at +200 fps and I want to feel the same responsiveness in this game too. I don't care if I need to put everything in low, I just want it to be as responsive as Insurgency 2014.

  2. Different maps
    At least for me, all maps feel the same in Sandstorm. I wish we could have some small maps similar to Ministry from Insurgency 2014. Having bigger maps is cool, but I miss these small and "simple" maps so much.
    I'm also missing snow maps. We don't have a single snow map.

  3. NIGHT maps
    Nothing to say here. NIGHT MAPS!

  4. AMBUSH!!
    Ambush gamemode is really fun when you get tired of the other modes.

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I have faith. There has been a ton of feedback given and NWI seems to take it seriously and is working to improve things. I respect that. I have stopped playing though as the fun to frustration ratio is killing me. I'm sure I'll get back into it eventually, but I don't know that I'm enjoying it more than the original.

I will say though that I played the original in v 0.9 when there were only a handful of servers and the changes from then to what Ins is now is huge. So, I have faith that once things get fixed, they'll have a killer game.

At the moment I am NOT enjoying Sandstorm more than the original. To me that's impossible and not even a fair comparison because Sandstorm is currently severely lacking in content and missing essential features such as;

  • a working server browser
  • a vote kick system (or combination of other systems like Punish/Forgive to deal with teamkillers etc.)
  • a (visual) map vote system at the end of a game (after a Victory or Defeat)
  • show name of player who is talking on the mic
  • a mute player function
  • more maps that are more diverse (only 4 maps at the moment: no evening, night, rain, snow or bushy map like Peak)
  • more game modes (only 1 in coop: after 130+ hrs of Checkpoint it has become boring and flawed so now I'm already playing less and less)

Also Sandstorm needs improvements in gameplay, bot AI, cosmetics, point system, ambient audio, more polish & optimization and bugfixes. Having said that, the game certainly shows promise and looking at NWI's trackrecord I remain hopeful and think in the end Sandstorm will be a great game that they'll support and improve for a long time.

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I am slightly, the frustration puts me off, however I can see that there is huge potential. As levelcap said "a diamond in the rough". But rough it certainly is.

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Right now, i do enjoy both, but if there´s a constant flow of new maps (official and community) i will enjoy it more surely!

@valerian all of your points are like QoL stuff though. I mean they're uber annoying, but I don't think its fair to compare a finished game to this based on qol stuff.